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Adhesive plaster help needs the overhaul before travel love a car

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Now, drive oneself swim to had become a kind of fashion, holiday makes an appointment with on 35 close friend, make a sightseeing tour, scattered mood. Nevertheless, want to play to one's heart's contently, car advocate people did not forget car giving love undertakes microscope is mixed one time before start off safeguard.

◆ checks brake and the status with oily brake

Look for smooth to step on urgent Buddhist templeput on the brakes, see stop a car whether sideslip.

◆ inspects tire

Divide outside deciding fetal pressing is enough, did not forget the embryo that checks spare wheel is pressed. In the meantime, also should see fetal wall have deny interstitial, damaged, or the packet since beat, especially two hind embryo, lest ” of old “ cut is in long-distance in moving, expand gradually and bring about blowout. If have afore-mentioned states, must maintain to major immediately station processing.

◆ checks rain to brush

If have damage,rain is brushed, so certain that change, and add the vitreous cleaner with full indoor engine, so that maintain good line of sight and visibility.

◆ examines cell

Check accumulator status, it is normal to charge discharge. The batteries appropriate that used 5 years of above changes.

◆ checks transmission leather belt to whether have consume

Oneself drive a travel, the tool that follow a car must be taken neat. Besides wheel spanner and jack, take the tool building a car such as some of trailer rope, forceps even, and device of a few lash-up.

Tool of ◆ filling embryo

Tire of tubeless of most now car, the filling embryo appliance that there are a lot of varieties on market is usable, and the price is not expensive.

◆ is portable make pump

Insert the power supply cord that makes pump on cigar lighter, car advocate can give car tire to aerate with it. Of course, car advocate when aerating to tire, had better tear open tire fall or raise the car with jack after rising, aerate again, such doing already fast sufficient.

◆ water

Whether is cistern of the examination before starting added full, if encounter,rain, need cleans car pane. Carry a bottle of big water, already OK and drinkable can serve as complement when the car lacks water again.

◆ electrical wiring

Take a few electrical wiring to be able to serve as when car occurrence breakdown already temporarily line, can become again fuse. When fuse is burned, electrical wiring cortical shuck, take out silk of among them a copper to insert two of safety plate the foot to join when removing advent, be used.

◆ engine oil

Be in car place even place, engine oil level should be in of dipstick scale most upper limit, whether does examination engine bottom leak at the same time oily. As a result of,have a few car the reason of car condition, run the phenomenon that short engine oil can appear after high speed, equipment engine oil can do complement to use.
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