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How does purify glue paper rip the dirt that after going, keeps?

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Special easy to handle, instruct you a few court!

1, the towel that use paper touchs a few alcohol (had better use industrial alcohol, otherwise is used medical patchy also) wipe, again loiter a few clean.

2, with acetone. The method is Alexandrine. Little and dosage is complete, the most marvellous is it extremely can extremely rapid easily take out what these remain is colloid, than aspersing essence of life more be convenient to use.

Above is solvent these two kinds, also be all methods in, effect first-rate.

3, with the water that wash armour. Usage also follows alcohol acetone same. The result is very right also. The water that wash armour does not try quality, good or general go, all that wants to be able to wash fingernail oil only is OK.

4, with the frost that protect a hand. First the surface imprint goods rip off, squeeze the frost that protect a hand again next a few above, use thumb rub slowly, rub a little while can sticking incomplete gum rub comes down. It is slow a bit. The frost that protect a hand belongs to grease kind material, its property and glue kind antipathic. Use it namely except glue this is characteristic.

This mixes the 4th the 3rd times is central TV of carry on of an intermediary of a column. Material searchs easily, very convenient also, can get rid of incomplete glue.

5, with banana oil. A kind when use cleared paint namely industrial agent, buy very easily also (the place that sells painting has sell) . The method also follows alcohol acetone same.

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