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Adhesive -- the take cover engineering that needs vigilance

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Adhesive is the requisite that the family decorates. Current, interior decoration decorates commonly used adhesive to have dissolve the form of a drug and water base model two kinds, among them solvent adhesive, as a result of its first agglutinant with stick it is good to receive performance, operation craft is agile and handy, produce technology easy control, because this is decorated indoors,decorate on application is most wide, ” of all-purpose glue of the “ that be called. In decorate, of fire prevention board stickup, of wooden appliance, furniture make, plastic with wood stick receive wait to need to be used.

General component is all-purpose glue: Chloroprene rubber and butadiene styrene rubber base all-purpose glue. Butadiene styrene rubber is all-purpose glue is the SBS that common weighs all-purpose glue. The cold-resistant sex that both photograph compares butadiene styrene rubber is good, but stick receive intensity to want difference. Normally the circumstance falls, we still suggest everybody is used stick the chloroprene rubber with receive performance better all-purpose glue.

Now, estate market is prosperous, adornment decorates the market also is exceedingly hot, all sorts of building materials full of beautiful things in eyes. Consumer is opposite coating, floor, clean is provided etc advocate the understanding of material is more, pay close attention to the respect such as its design, design, function very much not only, also raised taller requirement to the environmental protection function of these material, supervise personally purchase.

But you are possible oversight a few tiny segment. Value of adhesive total prices is very little, it is the complementary material that uses in construction, consumer basically full-fledged member gives decorate a company to decorate a worker even for you purchase, no longer bother about. Can you be you know? Because these are small,often be unwary, and caused whole the requirement that decorates high quality of project short of and environmental protection, can build the harm of didymous human body directly even. Everybody begins a few this years to take take cover engineering seriously, actually adhesive also is one of take cover engineering, consumer should cause enough attention to this.

There still are many fake adhesives on the market at present, use rough-wrought dissolvent normally, some uses industry even deserted dissolvent. Its are main the feature is: Colloid is cloudy, after be being deposited more for long, appear statified, open container develops nose taste from time to tome. Inferior adhesive price is low, often be decorated by the adornment of a few frame-up compasses the construction team is chosen. Among them besides the 3 benzene that exceed bid kind, still have all sorts of poisonous and harmful material, wait like acting hydrocarbon of formaldehyde, bittern, once used such adhesive, not only you are in environmental protection advocate the devoted all one's efforts wasted on material, and the poisonous and harmful gas inside consist in bedroom will be mixed to you the health of family causes long-term harm.
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