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After adhesive plaster processing is collected red palm

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Red palm is blaze of day of Na Xingke Buddha is the most important in belonging to view and admire crop, originate in the intertropical area such as medium, South America formerly, like to be in high temperature is much wetter grow below the environment that has block shade, under 10 ℃ easy catch a cold catch a cold is killed; Relative humidity with 80 ~ 90 % relatively beautiful.
Cut beautiful tone to can promote red palm further, reduce the not stable factor of character of market supply of goods, appropriate strengthens flowers to collect the cold storage car of aftertreatment flow and form a complete set to carry. What red palm cuts a flower introduce to collect aftertreatment flow to reach below should have a requirement.
Collect an aftertreatment
Collect receive red palm of maturity and time to cut a flower to pledge at the flesh inflorescence by base the ministry begins to amount to 1 / 2 to 2 / 3 become angry, spathe piece exhibit smooth, flaming, the proper maturity that closes to collect namely. Should avoid to be collected in burning hot midday close, because temperature is higher,red palm of meeting shift to an ealier time cuts beautiful ageing. Collect receive red palm to cut a flower to should be in temperature is inferior in the morning or towards evening, and collect park answers after closing shady and cool place with slow down its breathe rate.
Usable hand is direct from base the ministry is picked take, reoccupy knife is inclined cut spend part of expand of cauline radical ministry, because of this place relatively not bibulous, can reduce maternal plant to suffer a bacterium to affect an opportunity at the same time, and as a result of spathe piece big, evaporate comes loose action is strong, dehydrate rate is rapid, collect in when closing, answering to rinse the stick that cut a flower directly, with avoiding to dehydrate. It is OK also that red palm cuts a flower small knife cuts means to undertake collecting closing, collect receive 3 ~ after 5 branches, should put bit alcohol chroma 1 minute of above are disinfected inside the solution of 70 % , can reduce the contagion of bacterium of the cause of disease between maternal plant. Active course of action is to reserve many knives and alexipharmic bucket, after using small knife, disinfect immediately, change another knives spell to use again, should immerse in disappear venom enough time, in order to reduce bacteria infection.
Of field and bibulous antiseptic flowers field beforehand arrange fluid, its water quality had better use tap water, because be contained in tap water chloric have antiseptic effect, can reduce red palm to cut a flower to because the bacterium is affected,cut is in and cause metabolization content to jam tracheal, of block up moisture absorb. To increase antiseptic result, but natrium of rejoin 50ppm second chloric acid at beforehand in arrange fluid, at the same time water quality should be adjusted cause in order to reduce a bacteria for small acidity.
Clean and beforehand cold because collect the high temperature when closing to be able to make the nutrient that cut a flower,use up, cause flowers to dehydrate, after because this is collected,closing must move quickly except field, park is shady and cool be in and with beforehand arrange fluid inserts water treatment. On the other hand, if the spathe that red palm cuts a flower falls dirt is too much can affect the exterior, need with clear water drip washing, when cleaning air, still need to insert water, at nature ventilated next dry in the shade, avoid sunshine insolate. The spathe that red palm cuts a flower is collecting the hair when close or be being cleaned easily to give birth to mechanical harm, make its carry brown black crease appears in the process in lay aside, when because this is collected,be being cleaned, should avoid mechanical harm.
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