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Gooey a few basic knowledge

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What is glue sticky agent
Carry adhere action, can make content be stickinged combines the material that be together, a general designation is glue sticky agent (bind agent) , general abbreviation is “ glue ” . The ” of “ adhere action that says here is —— of sub of —— of content be stickinged the summation of all sorts of appeal on the interface between content be stickinged. It is important among them it is Fan Dehua force, additional, still include hydrogen key force, covalent bond force, mix a key strength, chemical bond force.
What is meant by stick receive (adhesive bonding)

Stick receive the process that shows with glue sticky agent joins appearance of substance be stickinged together. Stick that is to say receive solder, the join way such as join of riveting, bolt is same, it is the method of a kind of connective body or technology, just the exterior action that it relies on an object only is not to cross an influence to be stuck content noumenon and realize connective.

Stick receive a technology to have what characteristic
1. is stuck it is OK to receive a technology join the metal of different sort, metalloid material effectively rise, and unlike solders to be able to join only in that way akin metal, also the join that unlike bolt join suits light, weak data not quite in that way. Consequently, its make range more wider than other connection means.
2. is being stuck in receiving contact, sub is to distributing continuously in whole join face, place susceptive bear distributings equably to go up in whole join face quite, and won't join like riveting, bolt in that way, bear distributings to be nodded in a few a few only go up to form stress concentration easily. Consequently, stick receive contact to be able to endure vibration more, hand in change the long-term effect of stress, fatigue resistance can be more exceedingly good.
3. has insulation, sealed, anticorrosive effect as a result of most glue sticky agent, stick so receive contact besides can bear besides extra negative charge, still have sealed, anticorrosive effect, this advantage is in the circumstance action with the strict and sealed requirement such as vessel of car, ship, aircraft, building especially apparent.
4. is stuck receive a technology to be able to reduce join apparently quality. Because,this is its leave out bolt, rivet, fastener, and allow to use frivolous structure. For example, can reduce quality in order to stick the radio component of acting riveting 30 ℅ left and right sides, additionally data surface is versed in in machinery every use Lt glue sticky agent in course of study but managing 5t metal, but a large number of managing material, improved equipment performance at the same time.
5. is stuck receive technology simpler, installation cost is less also, construction cycle is general shorter, economic integration benefit is so distinct.
Because 6. has a lot of functional sex glue sticky agent can offer an alternative, can gift stick receive contact all sorts of special function, for example, electric, guide magnetism, heat conduction, oil resistant, be able to bear or endure water.
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