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Adhesion of 1.1 agglutinate, conglutinate
The joins together state that force of chemistry of support of two substance appearance, physics force or both hold some force concurrently to make.
Adhesive of 1.2 adhesive, adhesive
Carry agglutinate action, can make content be stickinged combines the material that be together.
1.3 cohesion Cohesion
Each particle relies on single material interior advocate the state that price strength, second price strength joins together.
1.4 conglutinate destroy Adhesive Failure; Adhesion Failure
The visual and visible destruction that happens on adhesive and interface of content be stickinged phenomenon.
1.5 cohesion destroy Cohesive Failure; Cohesion Failure
The visual and visible destruction that happens in adhesive or interior of content be stickinged phenomenon.
1.6 consistence Compatibility
Be in two kinds or the capacity that mixes in person each other is had when a variety of material mix.
Mechanical Adhesion of 1.7 mechanical agglutinate
The clench the teeth that passes adhesive in two substance appearance makes the tie that use and produces.
1.8 content be stickinged Adherend
Prepare the object of adhesive bonding.
Substrate of 1.9 base material
Use at the material of adhesive of exterior besmear Fu.
Wet Wetting of 1.1 wet, embellish
The liquid is right the endophilicity of solid. Both the osculatory part between is smaller, solid surface is easier by the liquid wet.
1.11 dry Dry
Through evaporating, absorb, make solvent or dispersive medium decrease, be stuck in order to change the process of condition of physics of the adhesive on content.
1.12 adhesive bonding, stick receive Bond
Will be stuck with adhesive substance appearance joins together.
1.13 solidify Curing
Adhesive reacts through chemistry (aggregate, cross-linking) the process that obtain and improves the performance such as adhesive bonding intensity.
1.14 sclerotic Setting
Adhesive reacts through chemistry or physical action (if aggregate reaction, oxidation reacts, gelation action, hydration action, cooling, evaporate wait for) , obtain and improve the process of the function such as adhesive bonding intensity.
1.15 cross-linking Cross-linking
Chemical bond is formed between the element, produce the course of three-dimensional network structure.
1.16 sub Adhesive Layer
Adhesive bonding medium adhesive layer.
1.17 statified Delamination
In lamination goods, destroy phenomenon of the depart between the layer that causes by adhesive, content be stickinged or its interface.
Squeeze—out of 1.18 excessive glue
To assembly parts pressurization hind, squeeze the redundant adhesive that go out from inside sub.
Fillet of 1.19 glue tumour
Fill hands over the adhesive of place in two content be stickinged (when placing core and surface ability adhesive bonding like beehive, the) of adhesive round horn that place of ministry of the end that place core forms.
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