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The operation is undeserved make the machine that stick horn blocks adhesive pla
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The operation is undeserved the main reason that makes the machine that stick horn blocks adhesive plaster up to cause has:

1, send the movement of adhesive plaster incorrect —— upper mould the adhesive plaster when be being pressed below aluminium piece still is in carry. Below most circumstance, it is by main shaft cam the lock decides screw to become loose cause. Turn after the apogee of cam before mixing, turn, it is even hind move, bring about cam apogee to dial move the when be pressed below aluminium piece and rising with upper mould time when sending adhesive plaster connecting rod to do not deserve to close, bring about adhesive plaster to be in when pressing belt annulus to carry adhesive plaster outside, end of the cut before adhesive plaster supports to go up knife model is aluminous piece hind cannot before row, and pile is in in back end rubber tyre.
Means of settlement: Put out power source, when suitable hour hand turns handle of the upper part after the machine that stick horn observes adhesive plaster sends carefully, mix on knife model is aluminous piece whether balance, if premature but will turn after main shaft cam, cross Chi Zeqian to turn, send belt length to spend the longest insufficient 30mm to arrange axial reach, the locking after shift is likely secures screw can.
2, send adhesive plaster chamfer installation rough or the screw that lock up solid becomes loose, bring about press belt annulus to be out of shape adhesive plaster pressing, make adhesive plaster cannot flat send.
Means of settlement: Put out power source, take out adhesive plaster, square once upon a time careful observation presses those who send adhesive plaster to go up when rubber tyre is tightened with next wheel load press contact to whether be the intermediate position of adhesive plaster chamfer, two rounds press contact when exorbitant or too low metropolis brings about adhesive plaster to be being pressed, be out of shape, screw again after the height that can loosen adhesive plaster chamfer tightens solid screw rear to adjust adhesive plaster chamfer up and down appropriately at this moment can.
3, adhesive plaster sends groove front and cut take U knife contact, bring about quantity of heat to be passed to adhesive plaster chamfer, dissolved sub of adhesive plaster surface and adhesion is sending take groove, the appearance that occurrence adhesive plaster does not give.

Its means of settlement: Loose the screw that sends the front that take groove fixed support, go up appropriately the yield that tone makes an appointment with 1mm to control is unoccupied place (send belt mix below groove between U knife) locking secures screw can.

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