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Adhesive plaster help needs the overhaul before travel love a car
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◆ adhesive plaster

Adhesive plaster is usable will pester slack conduit, wide adhesive plaster can be by oil a few are stuck to regard as more after housing knock is cracked temporarily of help sb to deal with an emergency with.

◆ trailer rope

Below special situation, trailer rope may be a car advocate the “ that walks out of predicament helps straw ” . For instance, mire is immersed in in the car or appear when breakdown cannot find professional trailer again, the person of the same trade's car or transient car can help, but must want to have trailer string.

◆ map

Piece before travel, car advocate need to buy an atlas, course of affirmatory drive a vehicle and rest site, make a careful plan, the problem that encounters on the road as far as possible considerate.

It is good that common saying says 1000 kinds to “ is in the home, go out all things difficult ” . Preparation is sufficient, play rise not to have trouble back at home naturally. If the condition allows, might as well have more some of article: Food, drinking water, dress, match, cutting tool reachs commonly used drug. Of course, all sorts of certificate are absolutely cannot of oversight.  

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