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Adhesive -- the take cover engineering that needs vigilance
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Common adhesive quality problem basically is solvent volatilizes the benzene of generation kind, the harmful material such as bittern acting hydrocarbon and formaldehyde.

Benzene is a kind of carcinogen, the person is like inspiratory excessive, meeting occurrence dizziness, disgusting, lack of power, skin the phenomenon such as faintness of dry, consciousness, the person that weigh can be brought about insensible die even. Toluene and xylene: Excitant to the skin and mucous membrane big, long-term contact is easy cause cystic cancer. Formaldehyde volatilizes slower, inspiratory hind can cause disgusting, bring about bronchitic, appear even liquid waste is swollen; Bittern acting hydrocarbon also is carcinogen, long-term and inspiratory meeting injures the organ such as liver.

Accordingly, in the process that decorates in the family, need to note these detail problems more, especially the choice of adhesive, decorate a team to put forward complementary makings to purchase detailed account, consumer had better be checked personally. Suggest everybody can sell to large building materials directly the choose and buy goes in field or market of normal building materials.

The country had been promulgated to this relevant " in adhesive harmful material set limit to " standard article, consumer can get online consult, cento a few main index, so that be when the choose and buy know fairly well.
At the same time this standard still set “ place to have the adhesive product that is used at interior decoration to decorate material, the harmful material tag that must show in bag mount this standard sets reachs its content. ” because this, remind consumer when to be being bought, want to notice the outer packing of the product, the set limit to that comparative standard sets.

Environmental protection adhesive is to point to pair of human body not to have harm, be opposite again the adhesive of environmental free from contamination. If the enterprise obtained the “ China environment that by national environmental protection total bureau promulgates,indicate ” of product certification certificate, can assure double actor of the environmental behavior of the enterprise and product quality, accordingly these products are worth reliance.

“ China environment indicates (English is: China Environmental Labelling) ” , appearance is a circle, have green and aureate and dichromatic form, main body part is reach 10 annulus all round by the green hill among, green water, sun, annulus annulus photograph buckles composition, the “ that weighs normally namely is green mark of 10 annulus ” .

Tell from the price, choice quality is reliable, even the product of environmental protection wants tower above more naturally than common product a few, but what hold the proportion that decorates total cost very low. E.g. , german Chinese is tall 100 get brand environmental protection all-purpose glue, it is current on the market obtain “ exclusively green the chloric Ding Moneng that 10 annulus ” indicates glue, stick receive performance outstanding, and do not contain 3 benzene, 3 litres price is controlled in 85 yuan about. Normally a 2 rooms the house of one hall, decorate cost amount 5 to 80 thousand, all-purpose glue of need is calculated with 3 litres capacity, dosage is 2 go to 4 pails, expenditure only 170 go to 340 yuan, occupy total cost to be less than 0.5% . Hundreds of yuan can discharge your trouble back at home, because this is due,be accepted or reject.
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