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Gooey a few basic knowledge
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7. shows flow before solidify as a result of glue sticky agent may model condition, stick so it is OK to receive contact the appearance with very flowing, delicate make it, also can do clipper-built the exterior that waits for ideal.
Although stick,receive have afore-mentioned a variety of advantages, but also put in certain defect and inadequacy.
1. is stuck receive massiness, bear the metal of high load capacity when, intensity still appears insufficient for sticky to most glue agent, exemple if intensity is less than soldering intensity.
2. is current, main body of sticky agent of most synthesis glue is material of organic high polymer, its hear resistance is not tall, the inorganic glue quality with good hear resistance is more fragile, this was restricted greatly stick the applied range that receives a technology.

3. has stuff of machine high polymer as a result of Liu of material of main body of glue sticky agent. Meet below action of element of environment of smooth, hot etc product degradation, fragile crack wait for ageing phenomenon, make the mechanical function of contact drops to be lost even, lower service life.
4. is sticking the influence in receiving a process to stick the element that receives performance a lot of, level of current science and technology make scientific assessment very hard to the dependability of contact again, this also is one of obstacles that popularize this technology.
The scientist has been forecasted, in 21 centuries, stick receive theory to will be broken through somewhat, afore-mentioned defect hopeful are overcome, stick in receiving a technology to be sure to apply at vaster domain, play gives bigger effect.

What is meant by stick receive tensile strength, how to determine

Tensile strength, weighed tensile strength again in the past. Mix when outside force direction stick accept a scale perpendicular and when be being pulled, the unit is stuck receive susceptive of the place on the face force makes stick receive tensile strength. For example, curium by the waist of a steel bar two paragraphs, stick section with glue next receive rise. After glue solidify, the axes direction of edge steel bar brings to bear on till pulling force is stuck receive a face to be destroyed. Will destroy bear to be accumulated except the cross section with steel bar, it is tensile strength, the unit is Mpa. When sub suffers tensile force effect, outside force is main it is to distributing equably in whole be stuck apparently, so, stick receive tensile strength to compare drawing shear strength commonly some taller, say to distributing basically equably, because stick,be receive a face to go up to still be cut stress action by the part. If adscititious tensile force a bit deviate axes, can have curve power generation, what measure intensity to be able to be reduced greatly.

Receive besides this kind there still is tensile test of inhomogenous drawing, asymmetry beyond intensity, those who use is not too much grant to introduce here.
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