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What is meant by stick receive shear strength, how to determine

Shear strength shows the unit is stuck receive a face to go up can the peak load that susceptive parallel accepts a scale at sticking. Stick receive the surface to suffer when cutting stress, also be whole stick receive a face to get power at the same time (it is not certain to although be being stuck,receive the stress on the face to distributing very even) , so, the shear strength of contact and tensile strength also are taller euqally. Accordingly, when joint design, should make contact bears as far as possible tensile stress and cut stress.

The test method of shear strength has 3 kinds commonly usedly. Namely: Drawing is cut, compress cut and turn round cut.

The test standard of shear strength all also has GB. Metallic —— metal sticks those who receive drawing shear strength to determine test piece. Metalloid —— is metalloid (for example, lumber —— lumber, concrete —— concrete) determine to often be used compress cut a method; Use dowel joint test specimen to inorganic glue, determine its turn round shear strength, GB is GB/T11177—1989.

What is meant by stick receive come off intensity, how to determine

When alleged “ comes off ” figure ground says to resemble butcher flocks and herds, decorticate in that way, pare two content be stickinged each other come. Come off force and tensile force, shearing force differs, it is illogical type brings to bear on at whole stick receive a face to go up, add on a line only however. So the definition of shear strength is not unit area go up can susceptive is the biggest stress, however: “ makes stick receive when destroying, unit width can susceptive is the biggest come off force. Its unit is Newton / rice (N/m) .

The basis is stuck the difference of content property, come off the mensuration of intensity includes: (A) T form comes off; (B) 180 ℃ come off; (C) 90 ℃ come off; (D) climb beat come off etc. T form comes off basically use at flexibility material (tinsel, plastic film, canvas) of test piece determine; 180 ℃ come off use at rigid material (like armor plate) with flexibility material test piece determine; 90 ℃ come off special at armor plate and balata test piece determine; Climb beat come off use what clip duramen expects at beehive to determine. Special to pressing quick glue to still have come off test (GB/T2792—1998) .

What is meant by impact strength, how to express

The impact strength of contact is to point to when it is pounded by machinery, sub can waste absorption energy. If mucus is sticky the energy that when agent layer is destroyed by concussion, needs to use up is much, with respect to the specification then this connect bears the capacity that uses load is strong. The unit of impact strength is joule / rice 2 (J/m2) .

Impact strength test can use the type that place weight to pound experiment machine. Its principle is: The height with will place the circular arc that beats an edge to be radius with move about arm to be lifted certain above all in order to raise its potential energy, make its free fall next, change of its heat energy is kinetic energy, and in kinetic energy the concussion on the biggest drop is stuck receive test block, read the energy that when giving impact, wastes, except receive an area in order to stick, it is the impact strength of test block.
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