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1, common paper sticking fly
2, efficient and puissant number of paper sticking fly 30054 subscription technology
Specially good effect is advanced deodorization is clever
The surroundings all round us, often have a lot of bad taste. For example, the person appreciate of the dormitory and nicotian flavour; The boil of the kitchen flavors; The peculiar smell in the bathroom; The evil stink of channel of toilet, rubbish, sewage; And the stink of raw meat or fish of the food such as rotten meat, fish. These bad taste live daily to us and healthy the effect that has different rate. How eliminate these peculiar smell, improve and purify our surroundings, it is people more and more watchful problem. Although the sort of deodorant is very much, but deodorization principle is roughly same, it is around move the bad smell that how be eliminated or restrains smelly source to give out and undertake. Current, the deodorant that applies domestic and internationally is liquid state and solid state with respect to branch of its physics state, solid state is divided again farinaceous mix a shape. Can divide into by effect way following 4 kinds: Cover magic art: With easy volatilization flavor is scattered into smelly source to mask a stink. This way is simple, the effect is poor, endurance is bad. Bacterial deodorization law: It is with a kind of bacterium in smelly source action, restrain microbial growth, breed. It is better that this law has certain deodorization effect, but get effective slow. Disinfect deodorization law: Scatter smelly source with disinfectant, restrain microbial growth, breed. This law has certain deodorization effect, but endurance is poor. Chemistry deodorization law: With certain chemical and effluvial composition (basically be ammonia kind, hydrogen of organic amine, vulcanization, organic sulfur is mellow kind) produce chemical reaction, keep clear of or restrain the volatilization of bad smell, this law effect is better, but the recipe of the choice wants appropriate, otherwise, often cannot eliminate completely to effluvial composition. Apparent, should make deodorant is had mask, absorb, control, neutralize effluvial optimal effect, must choose first-rate deodorization raw material and deserve optimumly to compare, make sure the product has good deodorization function in uses occasion. The specially good effect that introduces here is advanced deodorization is clever, integrated afore-mentioned all sorts of functions, can effective eliminate toilet, kitchen, bathroom send out the unpleasant taste that give. Also can use extensively at the office, study, dormitory to wait, make air add popular medicine to use. Number 30057 subscription technology

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