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21 ageing adhesive bonding the phenomenon that performance varies along with time happening.

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Manual of product of series of emulsion of VAE of Chinese harbor card
0101 model white emulsion
● technology standards
Executive standard: Q/HGJ001-01-2000
The exterior: White is ropy liquid solid content (% ) : ≥23
PH value: 3-8.3 viscosity (Pa·s) : ≥0.5
● function characteristic
Chinese harbor card 0101 model white emulsion is to get together formerly of acetic acid ethylene white emulsion change product, it is better to have be able to bear or endure ability in swimming, be able to bear or endure aspic sex and be able to bear or endure await a gender, stick it is good to receive strength, acid-proof alkaline, avirulent, insipidity, without corrode, do not contain the double green product of chemical dissolvent, quality is stable, crop is bigger, economic material benefit, use convenient, long-term since get the welcome of businessman user and reputably.
● uses range
This product can be used at sticking to receive paper, lumber and much fiber data, especially treatment of bound, presswork, carpentry produces the book wait for major, dosage is bigger, use is extensive, stick relay strong, can use brush, all sorts of means cover with paint such as gush, roller, all can achieve favorable result.
● construction method
this product after mix is even thin thin besmear brushs the one side that is being stuck to receive thing or two sides, next 2 be identical, the pressure with constant reoccupy, crowded close closely seam, make its are secured. The glue fluid that edge pours out of wants instantly erase. Be stuck to receive content face to ask not to have bilge, without fat, without dust, clean and clean. Moisture content is less than 10, stick it is better to receive the result. Popularly after 24 hours can.
If encounter environment of moisture of overcast and rainy, unfavorable construction. The appliance application water after using is cleaned clean, can continue
● keep in storage is carried
This product is packed with bucket of plastic or plastic liner, stock is different weigh those who measure norms to pack choose for the user. Should deposit dry and ventilated place, airtight save. If save time longer occurrence knot stiff phenomenon, but the right amount mix that add water is even, still can use. Storage life is a year, expire via certificate of proof hind, still can continue to use, function is changeless.
This product belongs to blame danger to taste, can taste business to deal with carriage formalities by blame danger.
● note
Our company say to taste all high stability is reached high grade assure, but because individual construction environment reachs the difference that chooses stock, the proposal goes at construction advancement field trial, in order to ensure optimal effect. If have doubt, call please (029) 7256694 or 6515357 connection, will serve for you wholeheartedly.
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