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Adhesive of Niao aldehyde colophony
Glue of Niao aldehyde colophony is a kind of uses extensively adhesive when woodiness material adhesive bonding, it is good to have light resistance, noxiousness is small, cost is low, the itself of glue and glue juncture do not have colored advantage. Pass agglutinate treatment, improved the physical machinery function of natural timber and exterior quality on one hand, perhaps constitute new lumber composite material, increased the use value of lumber, expanded greatly applied limits; The leftover pieces that machines lumber on the other hand if the paring, wood chip, fragment material that makes the profile down to such as beaverboard, wood chip board, particieboard have special property, those who be lumber resource is integrated use open up new approach. The adhesive cost that uses than other agglutinate lumber as a result of the cost of Niao aldehyde glue is low metalworking, dosage is so bigger. Number 30122 subscription technology

Frost resistance white emulsion
White emulsion is a kind when get by polymerization of latex of classics of acetic acid ethylene thermoplastic glue. Use extensively at the agglutinate of the industry such as mortar of carpentry treatment, man-made board, cement, paper, cloth, leather, pottery and porcelain. It is used convenient, stick relay strong, manufacturing technology is simpler. But its viscosity is not stable, fall in condition of winter low temperature especially, often bring about gel because of viscosity heighten, after needing to heat, ability is used, bring a lot of inconvenience to winter construction not only, and still affect agglutinate quality. Reason asks reserve requirement is in commonly 10 Celsius above. Be aimed at this one defect, worker of domestic and international scientific research develops development low temperature actively not the white emulsion of gel, in order to solve winter keep in storage and construction problem. Number 30112 subscription technology
Interior decoration material does lotion
This agent is with cellulose powder and exterior activator acerbity natrium of sulfur of 12 alkyl benzene gives priority to composition, the pulverous account that adds auxiliary diatomite to be made up does lotion. Be use with the liquid, use when be being contacted with the content that be washed, the adsorption of solid alternate with of generation is balanced, make bilge move undertakes at dry-clean agent abluent. Characteristic and utility: Use convenient. Spill this dose at be being washed substance appearance, scrub ends, reoccupy vacuum is sucked except, get clean content area namely; To be being washed content is not injured, not chromatic; Anti-fouling the gender is good. Abluent the content be washinged after, bilge adheres to again little; This agent is embellish wet condition, abluent process flies upwards without dust, and do not jam cleaner; Abluent fast, spare time. Of the interior decoration data that appropriate uses at rug of the use carpet such as family, guesthouse, shop, tapestry, table and woolen cloth, cloth and silk to be made abluent. Number 31091 subscription technology
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