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The agent of dispel smelly sparge of advanced cosmetic raw material
Average system is smelly usable spray perfume will eliminate, but when disease of stink of sweat or underarm odour illness are serious, can give out similar corruption like acid of bovine oil, suet effluvial, your person is borne hard. The underarm odour is be caused by of axillary secretion of kubla khah gland. Gland of firm excretive kubla khah contains many adipose or protein ramification, original asepsis is not had smelly, but the bacterial function that because get the dead cell of skin organization or bilge and fluid hair,attends and generation is effluvial. The amount of sweat gland of National People's Congress that has underarm odour disease is much, distributing close, accordingly, the stink that give out is thick. Stink of sweat is the bacterium decomposes secretion be caused by, reason can use antiseptic to restrain bacterial breed, prevent sweat directly decompose, become smelly. At present deodorization method has smelly way of convergent deodorization law, antiseptic deodorization law and flavor curb 3 kinds. What its middling uses is convergent deodorization law. This law is to use strong convergent action to restrain perspire, indirect ground prevents stink of sweat. Antiseptic deodorization law is to use antiseptic to kill a bacterium, prevent stink of sweat directly. Flavor curb smelly law uses perfume, toilet water to wait namely restrain a stink. What introduce below is one kind eliminates the recipe with smelly body and preparation with convergent method.
This agent uses alkalescent chloridize aluminium to be astringent, action of this agent astringent is gentle, deodorization function is better, and also have bacteriostasis. The ester of third of nutmeg acerbity different that the dissolvent of this agent collects appliance to have the effect that protect skin, this agent has avirulent, not easy acid to be defeated, the advantage such as not easy hydrolyze, it is better advanced cosmetic raw material. This agent is avirulent to skin safety, without stimulation. Can prevent and cure body underarm odour, foot is smelly, smelly. Number 6143 subscription technology
Transparent soap
View of transparent soap error is transparent, glittering and translucent be like candle, suffer people quite love. Production method: It is to use alcohol, candy and glycerine to wait add thing, call “ to join content ” transparent soap; Another it is not to add alcohol, candy and glycerine to wait add thing, those who rely on abrade, layering to make is transparent, say grind for “ transparent soap of the ” that control a standard. Former use hot method, craft is simple, suit miniature production. Its method is brief the introduction is as follows. Number 30100 subscription technology
Stick fly paper
Fly is dysenteric, the peddler of a variety of diseases such as typhoid fever, hepatitis. Be in especially the summer, fly breeds in great quantities and fly in disorder everywhere, not only rest what affect people normally, more important is health of harm human body. Paper sticking fly is a kind of when eliminate fly handy tool, wholesome and avirulent, do not pollute environment, food and human body, apply to all sorts of places such as dormitory, office, dining room, workshop, toilet. Make and use all very simple, cost is low. Introductory is common paper sticking fly and efficient and puissant paper sticking fly the making method of two kinds of products.
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