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Limited company of adhesive plaster of water chestnut of gold of stage state cit

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Limited company of adhesive plaster of water chestnut of gold of stage state city is one of mainstay businesses of domestic rubber industry, market work, business, trade at joint-venture enterprises of an organic whole. Already had old manufacturing history, the company has home's advanced production facilities, accurate testing instrument, whole quality guarantee system and solid technical force team, the high quality that already formed seriation, standardization, automation produces technological process, our product already had collect autocycle to take series, car to take machinery of series, agriculture machinery series, industry, nicotian, chemical industry, spin is the special type adhesive plaster of rank an organic whole etc, this series product checks central test via national adhesive plaster for many times, all sorts of technology index all reach national level, issue qualitative check letter, the industry manufacturer such as as big as home, medium-sized autocycle, car, chemical industry, spin, agriculture machinery builds system of firm form a complete set, and with home manufacturer of a lot of transmission adhesive plaster are built internet network and adjust a center, infiltrate international market. Prospect is good.
The company is located in the city zone of bridge of district of city of state of stage of line of 104 nations line, be apart from a lukewarm freeway 6km, be apart from 3km of road bridge airport, 5km of dock of passenger traffic of river of any of several hot spice plants, full high speed is nonstop, 0.5km of close of center of as coastal as southeast of short for Zhejiang Province the biggest passenger traffic, it is short for Zhejiang Province east coastal gold a sector of an area, it is tangerine, an abundant place really. Communication is very easy. Welcome new old friend wholeheartedly, come.

Company of golden water chestnut will with the product with “ Venus high grade ” , good service, brand-new figure, top-ranking technology, advance hand in hand with you, run quickly to effulgent new century!

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