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Limited company of adhesive plaster of Baoding China month

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Limited company of adhesive plaster of Baoding China month only then built 1982, it is to be engaged in conveyer belt products plan and production professional manufacturer, it is enterprise of stress of industry of Heibei province chemical industry, unit of member of Chinese Society of Rubber Industry, its manage mode to already managed systematic attestation at passing ISO9002 quality 2000, changed edition attestation through ISO9001-2000 2003. The company has stuff 820, fixed assets 86.2 million yuan, register fund 26.8 million yuan, annual produce 210 million yuan, product of conveyer belt of ” of card of “ Hua Yue was awarded “ Heibei to save product of famous brand ” 1998 yuan in October (HB-14) , and at 2001, continued to hold a title twice 2004 this honorary title, successive real estate of 4 “ be awardinged by bureau of Heibei province statistic is best-selling commodity ” title, brand of ” of “ Hua Yue omits famous brand name at was being maintained to be Heibei 2004.
Company dominant product is conveyer belt of card of ” of “ Hua Yue, include conveyer belt of core of common use fabric (EP, NN, CC) , whole core is flame retardant conveyer belt (PVC, PVG) , conveyer belt of conveyer belt of wave shape rib, core of special purpose fabric (high temperature resistant, heat-resisting, acid-proof alkali resistance, oil resistant, food) .
The sale network of China month company already covered the industry such as nearly 1000 28 metallurgy of domestic that lie between province, city, municipality and Africa, southeast Asia, steely, coal, electric power, chemical industry, the Yangtse River 10 thousand stockaded village bring 3 gorge project, Shanxi yellow project, group of coal of company of group of iron and steel of company of group of iron and steel of steel group company, Shijiazhuang, Baotou, Heilongjiang, Changchun the major project such as finite liability company mixes the 2nd pyroelectricity large company all has Hua Yue company.
Guarantee system of quality of China month company is perfect, detect for Baoding rubber industry seat of center of research and development, have laboratory of room of independent corporative chemical analysis, physics, can make sure product of raw material, process is mixed the product is in controlled condition from beginning to end, ensured unqualified raw material does not take a plant, rejected product does not leave factory. Professional qualitative check staff, excellent experiment detects advanced and equipment, efficient detect the method makes product quality has safeguard more.
The company takes “ quality from beginning to end flawless, serve the business concept of more high grade ” , the “ sincere letter, quality, will safe, management purpose that serves ” is perforative reach sale beginning and end at production, make the research and development of the product, design, production, detect, manufacture got is over attain reflect. Hua Yueren is consolidating and development carries out diversity to grow the strategy on the foundation of existing advantage, total heart devotes oneself to modern industry construction, in pay attention to economic benefits while pay attention to social benefit more.
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