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Of great capacity of weather of Pu in relief city is current adhesive plaster li

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Of great capacity of weather of Pu in relief city is current adhesive plaster limited company is Henan exclusive production of a market, research, development all sorts of PVC kind the specializationing of adhesive plaster goods company.
Since the company held water in August 1999 oneself, act on “ to be with the person this, science and technology promotes the major idea of ” of look forward to, induct of all kinds specialization the talent introduces advanced Tubu product line from the country, ceaseless development is valuable the commodity that gets used to market demand, dedicate with high quality gooey goods at the car, home appliance, the industrial domain such as the electron. Company annual produce amounts to 40 million yuan of RMBs, the product is popular domestic and international. The business relation that with China the ten cars plant such as one steam, 2 steam, Jiang Ling, Jin Long, Liu Wei, Chang He, motorcycle plant reachs wiring harness factory to having what stabilize for a long time. Among them special type adhesive plaster already entered sea Er,

The well-known company such as mansion China, long rainbow, export area of and other places of Europe of southeast Asia, north all the year round. The glue adhesive tape that the company produces detects via quality inspection branch, all reach national level and pass ISO9001 in the round- - attestation of 2000 quality system and TS16949 system attestation.
From do poineering work to develop, the company holds from beginning to end run “ user consummate, the tenet of ” of honest be as good as one's word, provide the product that contented society needs and service. The foundation that person of sea of Pu Yang day wishs to innovate with sincere letter, deal with concrete matters relating to work, start tomorrow in all with you.

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