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Guangzhou city family is able to bear or endure industrial limited company

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Guangzhou city family is able to bear or endure industrial limited company (Yuan Jiahua packs data limited company) be integrated model enterprise, the company held water 1996, the modern new and high company that becomes market research and development, development, production, sale and an organic whole from development of original and onefold supplied materials treatment, sale, it is one of main manufacturer of product of series of domestic glue adhesive tape. Division of “ of card of company division inferior is able to bear or endure adhesive tape of glue of card of ” , “ day tall ” , apply to industry of electric equipment of auto industry, electron, presswork course of study of filar print and distribute, skin provides shoemaking industry, adornment to decorate the industry, industry such as the stationery that pack. Scientific management, advanced equipment and craft, detect modernly method, the product warranty with effective system and system, ensure product stability. “ is with the client honour, professional service ” creates value for the user, be division the service tenet that be able to bear or endure.

The company devotes oneself to ” of the person that “ becomes the pilot of industry of glue adhesive tape, increase the research and development to the product ceaselessly around this target, in product structure function use respect pursues diversification, established the brand image of the product. Get global user greatly love. Popular and Euramerican 20 many countries and area; Build in home have site of many 500 distribute, the brand gets growing quickly in the market.

To enhance the core competition ability of the enterprise, devote oneself to the adjustment of industrial structure, division be able to bear or endure the manufacturing base of the international top-ranking standard that will become 60000 much square metre in Guangdong area group. Promote the integrated competition ability of the company in the round.

To the ceaseless research and development of the product, to serving the ceaseless promotion of quality, what right managing is ceaseless and perfect, to the pursuit with ceaseless future, will bring up division be able to bear or endure more brilliant tomorrow.

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