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Shenzhen city achieves abundant environmental protection to pack data limited co

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Held water 1998 Shenzhen city achieves abundant environmental protection to pack data limited company, act on “ market to be this, the management tenet of ” of credit get victory, major is engaged in environmental protection packing the production of material and sale. What obtained government and social all circles for years hard is extensive approbate become reconciled to judge. The company is the civilian battalion enterprise of average taxpayer qualification permissibly, selected for association of Shenzhen city entrepreneur association of entrepreneur of area of Baoan of city of senior member unit, Shenzhen is standing director unit, shenzhen of “ be awardinged has name of ” of competition ability enterprise 100 times most, built long collaboration to concern with high grade product and service and domestic and international numerous and famous manufacturer at the same time.
The company that achieve abundant owns all ready production facilities and perfect sale system, produce oneself sell all sorts of data that pack oneself. Had formed the market research and development, production, management situation that sells unifinication. Main product has: Paper of the adhesive plaster of paper of the glue that seal box, lettering glue paper, double-faced glue paper, stationery, beautiful grain adhesive plaster, glue that avoid a knife, fill adhesive plaster of paper of strong glue paper, electrical engineering glue, high temperature, twine paper of adhesive plaster of adhesive plaster, cloth radical, special glue to wait. Company oneself pass ISO9001:2000 quality manage systematic attestation and ISO14001:2Attestation of 004 environmental protection, the product detects through SGS international entirely attestation.

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