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Limited company of adhesive plaster of strong industry of river shade division
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Limited company of adhesive plaster of strong industry of river shade division is the civilian battalion joint stock company that trade of division, labour is an organic whole. The company manages of all kinds area with production product of series product, glue board series and adhesive plaster series are given priority to. Devote oneself to to develop development to produce of all kinds special type rubber-plastic goods. (products of balata of such as silicon, fluorine balata, polyurethane rubber)

Family strong company establishs only then, with respect to base oneself upon at high starting point, come for years, already recommended light-duty tape early or late product line, product line of adhesive plaster, glue board is covered 9 times, machine of large vulcanization bosomy type (1500*2800) cover 1 times, exceed opportunity of wide flat vulcanization (3800*4000) cover 1 times, produce per year of all kinds adhesive plaster (belt of light-duty conveyer belt, special type, nylon piece base transmission belt) about 150 thousand square metre, of all kinds glue board, adhesive plaster goods 300 thousand square metre. The product applies all trades and professions extensively in.

The company is in take seriously while hardware is thrown, value the investment of software very. The person with ability that introduce and developed a batch to have professional level moves with assuring the product quality system of the company adequately, produce management and ability of product research and development. Meanwhile, the company built the friendly cooperation that stabilizes for a long time actively still to concern with school of relevant scientific research. In order to take newest market information, technology news, ensure company product can be ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, remain invincible.

The company knows very well excellent product quality, high-class after service, reasonable price fixed position is stability and the only way that consolidate and extend company outstanding achievement. The construction of the company culture concept that still stresses “ to be this ” with the person for this company, dig the responsibility sex of company staff, innovation sex greatly, the agglomeration that strengthens a business with vigor.

Sincere letter enrols “ strong staff of division of collectivity of ” of the world guest is cordially to welcome your light to face our company to inspect guidance. The product of strong company of family of cordial hope and service can gain your trustful support and favour.

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