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Adhesive tape of glue of the 3rd international, diaphragm and not dry glue (Shen

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Knit an unit: Guangzhou inferior Fu Yazhan of exhibition limited company, Shanghai sees limited company

Support an unit: Pressure of association of industry of Chinese glue adhesive tape, United States is subtle take association, Taiwan guild of industry of agglutinant adhesive plaster

Earn millions of people to fix eyes upon, expect strong come on stage

The welcome attends “ adhesive tape of glue of the 3rd international, diaphragm and not dry glue (Shenzhen) exhibit ” , abbreviation APFE, it is make one's rounds exhibits global glue adhesive tape, diaphragm and the Hua Na that do not do glue to postpone top class grand meeting, exhibit meeting by Guangzhou inferior organization of whole journey of exhibition limited company is held, expect your participation!

APFE regards the whole world as gooey products industry the gold of the most large-scale, consequence and innovation is exhibited meeting, secure every year exhibit in make one's rounds of Shanghai, Guangdong. Shenzhen exhibited this second APFE to continue not only APFE Shanghai is exhibited (spring) achievement footstep, and before greatly the lid passes exhibit the imposing manner of the meeting. APFE is exhibited basically can show ” of new concept of adhesive tape giving gum, diaphragm and “ of domain of not dry glue, new technology, new product, new solution, offer to buy the home integrated and comprehensive one-stop purchase platform, the important international grand meeting that is supplier of gooey goods production, agent, agency and terminal user, for China and even whole world gooey market makes an unique international commerce platform!

Accumulate the successful advantage of two gooey exhibition and resource, APFE moves the 3rd times division Shenzhen make one's rounds is exhibited hold, current exhibit can promote substantially on two foundation afore extend meeting dimensions, class and influence, enable Shenzhen to be able to exhibit layout of central old exhibition hall to reconcile to postpone an insufficient issue definitely with optimizing those who exhibit an area to distributing. Predicting dimensions will be amounted to 10, above of 000 square metre, professional audience will exceed 30, 000 person-time.

By Guangzhou inferior the whole world that exhibition limited company initiates first gooey grand meeting (APFE) , held two in succession, accomplished in gooey industry cannot oscillatory major exhibits leadership position. inferior the exhibition exhibits constituent experience with APFE brand and rich international, resource of integrated and gooey industry, will exhibit APFE Shenzhen the Gao Shuiping with gooey the most large-scale goods communicates compose building whole world platform, bring for industry more the industry grand ceremony of extensive great!

Reach not dry glue about adhesive tape of glue of the 3rd international, diaphragm (Shenzhen) the detail of exhibition can be contacted
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