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(the 2nd) adhesive tape of glue of 2008 Shanghai international, diaphragm and ex

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Time: Nodded to 21 days of ground on March 19, 2008: Exhibition of store of Shanghai world trade
TIME: March 19-21, 2008 ADD: Shanghaimart Expo

Approve an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
Constituent unit: Guangzhou inferior show limited company
Support an unit: Association of industry of Chinese glue adhesive tape
American pressure is subtle head institute
Taiwan is agglutinant guild of adhesive plaster industry

Adhesive tape of Asian area glue, diaphragm and not dry glue exhibit leader and inaugurator
—— inferior exhibition once more strong hit out, whole journey organization is held!
All-time —— gross area exceeds ◆ dimensions 10, 000 square metre, announce medium body crosses 100, professional audience will exceed 30, 000 person-time
◆ business chance is infinite —— focusing Shanghai, purchase business domestic and internationally to gather, international is strong will reveal in the round, contact potential of Chinese powerful market adequately
—— of ◆ technology assemble is domestic and international newest product and achievement assemble, exhibit meeting - forum - classics trade cooperates, it is the efficient platform that conduct propaganda and market develop

The welcome attends 2008 China (Shanghai) gooey belt, diaphragm and exhibition of not dry glue (the 2nd) , abbreviation APFE2008 is Asian area the professional grand meeting of gooey industry, you Zhengya exhibits organization of limited company whole journey to hold, expect your participation!
APFE2008 gives priority to a problem with " gooey " , cover gooey domain front the latest technology to terminal, will gather have supplier of domestic and international numerous and gooey domain, show " of new concept of adhesive tape giving gum, diaphragm and " of not dry glue, new technology, new product, new solution, offer to buy the home integrated and comprehensive one-stop purchase platform, the important international grand meeting that is supplier of gooey industry production, agent, agency and terminal user, for China and even Asia-Pacific area gooey estate market makes an unique international platform!

Exhibit meeting setting
APFE2007 first China (Guangzhou) gooey belt, diaphragm and not dry glue are exhibited ring down the curtain satisfactorily!
APFE2007 initiates Asian area adhesive tape of glue of first " international, diaphragm and exhibition of not dry glue " , with its internationalization, specialization, the administrative levels that postpone business is high, show a product new, breed complete, commerce clinchs a deal the amount is large, clinch a deal the characteristic with high rate, obtain consummation! Attracted the ginseng of many 120 enterprise such as manufacturer of gooey course of study to exhibit, exhibition area is amounted to 5000 smooth rice, exhibit meeting site atmosphere enthusiastic, more than 9000 professional person-time come round to look around. 3M, AEE, De Sha, inferior change, ridge of DIC, 4 dimension, 3 Zhi, temple, Luomenhasi, beauty can be stuck, polar bear, an ancient name for China, put together grinds, the well-known trademark ginseng such as Haweite is exhibited.
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