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(the 2nd) adhesive tape of glue of 2008 Shanghai international, diaphragm and ex
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Visiting audience achieves 9281 person-time, the audience outside its China is occupied about 11.6% , hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan 15.2% . Purchase business to have come from pack presswork, number of mobile phone, photoelectricity, car, electron, I T, home appliance, building materials, machinery is made wait for an industry. Gooey industry manufacturer and main agency and business of form a complete set visited fair more than times nearly 1300, did not join the business that postpone to express the strong line desire that issues a ginseng to exhibit partly among them. APFE already was had taller exhibit the meeting is famous degree, the satisfaction that postpone business is spent and buy an acknowledge to spend, to exhibit business is mixed bought the home to create infinite business chance!

Focusing glamour Shanghai, share infinite business chance
Accumulate the successful advantage of first gooey exhibition and resource, APFE2008 moves division Shanghai is held, will be with powerful Chinese market demand rely on, make Asia-Pacific region with all one's strength the gooey industry distinguished gathering of top class consequence! Current exhibit can promote substantially on original basis extend meeting dimensions, class and influence. Believe APFE2008 will have more gooey brand enterprises to attend, predicting dimensions will turn over above 3 times, professional audience will exceed 30, 000 person-time.
You Zhengya exhibits limited company whole journey to organize a plan, guild of Chinese glue adhesive tape assist the international glue adhesive tape that handle, diaphragm and exhibition of not dry glue (APFE) , will secure every year exhibit in make one's rounds of Shanghai, Guangdong. APFE2008 focusing international is metropolitan Shanghai, the success will continue here!

Extend house advantage
APFE2008 is set in store of trade of Chinese Shanghai world, the region of business affairs of modern rainbow bridge that shows a place to be located in Shanghai gold a sector of an area, community of circumjacent high-grade business affairs, each country is stationed in Shanghai to get mass organizations of trade of house, classics to be able to be found everywhere. Exhibition is apart from airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge about 10 minutes car Cheng, have advantaged situation, be pregnant with is infinite business chance! APFE2008 makes full use of the Shanghai influence to the international market, reach sponsor an unit to serve primely with the good establishment that exhibit a house, make top-ranking industry distinguished gathering for travelling merchant of China and foreign countries.

One, [exhibit meeting date and place]
1, cloth extends time: Came 18 days on March 17, 2008 3, remove extend time: On March 21, 2008 afternoon at 2 o'clock
2, show time: Came 21 days on March 19, 2008 4, exhibit meeting site: Store of Shanghai world trade (Yan'an on the west road 2299)

2, [show range]
◆ glue adhesive tape: Adhesive tape of adhesive tape of the glue that pack, the glue that seal box, electrician / adhesive plaster of paper of gas adhesive plaster, double-faced adhesive plaster, stationery adhesive plaster, medical treatment adhesive plaster, kraft adhesive plaster, beautiful grain, flimsy is gooey adhesive tape of glue of again belt, wet sex, anticorrosive.
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