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(the 2nd) adhesive tape of glue of 2008 Shanghai international, diaphragm and ex
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◆ diaphragm: Diaphragm of film of diaphragm of film of glue of diaphragm of PE, PVC, hot frit, surface, punch, compound film, car, drawing twines diaphragm, film of diaphragm of diaphragm of mobile phone diaphragm, paper, LCD, double-faced glue, electrostatic diaphragm, high temperature resistant the of all kinds diaphragm such as film of aluminium of plating of film, PET.
◆ does not do glue stuff: Paper of all sorts of surface ability, copy uses paper and filmy data, include stuff of all sorts of not dry glue, ticket paster, instant stick, glance material of model of film, paper.
◆ produces equipment and instrument: Not all sorts of glue adhesive tape, diaphragm, dry glue is relevant equipment, include spreader, cent to cut machine, compound machine, model to cut device of equipment, rubber of mould pressing mechanism, besmear cloth equipment, cent machine, compound machine, stick receive machine tool, test the instrument and analysis, tool that use gum and technology, .
◆ raw material reachs chemical product: Production of not of all kinds and gooey belt, diaphragm, dry glue uses raw material and chemical product, include adhesive, colophony, silica gel, sizy, dissolvent, candle kind, hot frit glue, auxiliary, printing ink and material of of all kinds bronzing, smooth imprint each are material, auxiliary material.

3, [exhibit a norms and ginseng to exhibit rate]
1, international standard exhibits: 9m2 (3m×3m) cent establishs T division (international area) , a area (domestic area) , b area (domestic area) ;
A area: Domestic company RMB 8800/ exhibits / exhibition period smooth ground: Exhibition period of domestic company RMB 900/m2/
B area: Domestic company RMB 8000/ exhibits / exhibition period smooth ground: Exhibition period of domestic company RMB 800/m2/
T area: International exhibits area USD 1800/ / exhibition period smooth ground: International extends exhibition period of area USD 180/m2/
2, the standard exhibits an expense: Include 3 to exhibit board, lintel board 1, negotiate desk 1 piece, chair 2, shoot the light 2, 220V electrical outlet, carpet; Double mouth is exhibited add close of 10% exhibit an expense.
3, clean ground (clearing) : Hire area is not gotten little at 36 square metre, exhibit business to need proper motion design to reach decorate exhibit, power source and negotiate desk provide for oneself or hire. Need additionally to exhibit a house to pay administration fee 20 yuan / ㎡ and construction press gold.
4, technical lecture: The exhibition sponsors an unit to will organize many technical communication to be able to reach a symposium during the meeting, in order to begin communication of trade of international technology, classics, product of conduct propaganda, promotion. Each unit all can sign up apply for to hold, communicate a theme surely oneself please, every 6000 yuan of RMBs / 1 hour.
5, advertisement of etc of congress proceedings of a conferences
Proceedings of a conferences is distributed through the spot reach mail to send the means of travel to face countrywide free given free by the publisher, presswork measure 30 thousand.
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