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Plastic industry north moves, infinite business chance all is in Shenyang
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——2008 year China is northeast the 9th international is plastic machinery and exhibition of the industry that pack

Carry out as the development that promotes strategy of base of northeast old industry, coruscate of base of northeast old industry gives new energy, northeast area evolution presents a good development state. On August 2, 2007, the State Council is formal give an official " northeast area promotes a program " , the requirement tries hard to make northeast area construction economic integration develop the important economy with higher level to increase extent, northeast area construction becomes the state such as the base of equipment manufacturing industry that has international competition ability 4 large base. Revitalize the strategy of base of northeast old industry, the target is base of the equipment manufacturing industry of a northeast building China and even world and raw material industry. Northeast will become afterwards “ bead Chinese inland economy increases ” of trigonometry ” , “ long triangle and “ capital after area of ” of ferry the Tang Dynasty the 4th extremely, will initiate ” of times of new northeast of a “ .

Here chance falls, have “ northeast plastic the first say “ China that exhibits ” is northeast the 9th international is plastic machinery and ” of exhibition of the industry that pack will in April 2008 9-12 day, hold ceremoniously in Shenyang international exhibition center!

Have 12 years to do the northward industry and commerce that exhibits the history to show limited company, 07-08 year casts heavy gold uses at exhibiting the propagandist promotion of the meeting again: Advertisement of large space of more than 50 professional newspapers and periodicals, the home page of website of a few industries is linked, each are big the city is outdoors guidepost advertisement, advertisement of period of time of gold of broadcasting station, TV station puts in, " industrial wall bulletin " " before exhibiting, preview " " visiting guideline " wait for data of the conduct propaganda before exhibiting to print three in all, in order to mail, person specially assigned for a task is distributed wait for a form to send the … in purchasing business hand…

Sponsor square active conduct propaganda, try again of northeast and plastic mart mature with each passing day, sign up attend 8 years to exhibit the ginseng of the meeting to postpone business in an endless stream, end to distribute news dispatches to the reporter, already had 86% exhibit book finish, domestic and international well-known trademark is thick as hail, among them the enterprise such as times grand, case orchid, prosperous and strong Xin will be interest of sea day, power, division the year that major buys the home to bring them is tasted newly, shake hero, Fen on the west while the enterprise such as Electromechanical can bring new product and new technology to exhibit, ginseng exhibit an area relatively previous term or session all has increase substantially! Believed to have the elaborate preparation of numerous enterprise, “08 year northeast and plastic exhibit ” to meet everybody bring the sense that find everything new and fresh surely!
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