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Plastic industry north moves, infinite business chance all is in Shenyang
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“08 year northeast and plastic on the foundation that exhibits ” to record the range of a few kinds of big item on display such as model machine, extruder, hollow circumjacent and the machine that blow model, auxiliary equipment and package machine in former some, now new add “ die-casting to reach cast the ” that exhibit an area and “ mould treatment to exhibit area ” , exhibit those who give variety, of limits wide also be all previous head. In addition, as northeast area dimensions industrial equipment exhibits the biggest “ northeast tool of ”“ northeast hardware exhibits ” the corresponding period to hold, it is “ northeast again plastic exhibited ” to add new hotspot, 3 exhibit meeting the corresponding period to hold greatly, a view will naturally be lifted to exhibit upsurge in the Shenyang of 8 years of spring!

The major that regards northeast area as the first of all is plastic exhibit, congress organizing committee acts on “ sincerity to serve the purpose of ” for the client, make the professional grand meeting that has actual effect sex more hard, so, every time exhibition can give ginseng exhibit business and audience to bring a surprise. According to not complete count, exhibited meeting whole to clinch a deal 2007 the forehead is 360 million yuan of RMBs, grew 21.6% than last year. Enough of this group of data proves, current exhibit can earn not only sufficient very tall person is angry, also postpone business to join at the same time people created more business chance and sizable profit!

This area of northeast of official written reply to a subordinate body revitalizes the State Council program, will realize the impetus with powerful infuse of this one target for northeast. Shenyang will plan the old industrial district of 265 square kilometer, shenyang city is mean the core region that makes it and Tie Xixin division progress of prospective Shenyang industry. The many sided advantage such as market field foreground, substantial natural resources and favourable policy the Liaoning area at an organic whole, becoming quickly domestic and international the hot earth of each plastic business investment! Below so admirable condition, the achievement with believe plastic machinery and certainly will of exhibition of the industry that pack obtained the 9th international 2008 better! Develop northeast and plastic mart to provide capacious communication platform for the enterprise!

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