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2008 paper pack shock of grand meeting of major of box of colour of industrial c
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The products of paper of “ China corrugated box that suffers industry to fix eyes upon fully packs printer trade fair and high-level seminar ” (rows of tiles on a roof of the abbreviation paper industry that pack is exhibited) , “ China (Suzhou) colour box pressworks exhibition of the industry that pack and colour box presswork the high-quality goods that pack is exhibited”(box of colour of the abbreviation paper industry that pack is exhibited) will in April 2008 24-26 day, in Suzhou shock of new and high international exhibition center comes on stage. This is area of long triangle core first by authoritative and professional association, famous professional media, company of famous and professional exhibition is strong strong together, the case of corrugated box colour that your kind effort makes pressworks pack professional grand meeting, be sure to attract boxes of a large number of paper box colour inside area of long triangle core before the user inside color print course of study buys the home, go to look around, negotiate, communication, trade.

Current, enterprises of large quantities of one domestic and international well-known trademark if: Ironwork of constant of Bosite, Shanghai brilliance of the rising sun, Taiwan praise dragon of state, vessel, Chao Chang, Chinese iron, 10 thousand couplet, rich benefit, river, Qingdao is developed on the west, money of big pine, Xin is arranged, Tianjin grows flourish, Shanghai inferior China. Among them Switzerland the group will be in Bositeji its are close 200 of Duopingmi exhibit on show product line of soft edition of newest burnt box equipment and imperceptible rows of tiles on a roof; Limited company of machinery of ironwork of constant of Shanghai brilliance of the rising sun is in its of 365 square metre giant those who exhibit an admiral to reveal its 8 years to have German technology newly centrally is full automatic smooth planish model cuts impress engine, on suck type to send paper, high speed to make the same score Pi machine automatically, full automatic the high-quality goods equipment such as burnt box machine, will make the user opens horizon greatly. Taiwan praise state will use his nearly 200 of smooth rice exhibit show the equipment such as machine of paper of its newest burnt box machine, back up.

Catenary of industry of 9 combine of Shanghai will be in exhibit reveal on the meeting presswork from the plate making before imprinting, ability in swimming, the model is cut, transversely, straight-cut to a series of paper such as bad news material box produces treatment equipment, offer solution of whole of whole industry catenary for the enterprise, measure the product line facility that custom-built place wants the body for corrugated box manufacturer. Well-known company on the west the enterprise such as rows of tiles on a roof of river, rich benefit, 10 thousand couplet, Shanghai also will be revealed showpiece equipment of newest made of baked clay line. Other for example large quantities of one well-known companies such as Ming Wei of BHS, AGAF, Taiwan already also affirmed ginseng exhibit intent. In addition, still have quite a batch of ability in swimming presswork and presswork the spare parts that pack and bad news material the manufacturer will be met to exhibit add luster.
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