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2008 paper pack shock of grand meeting of major of box of colour of industrial c
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Extend meeting the corresponding period, will roll out box of paper box colour to presswork the high-quality goods that pack exhibits a house. Wrap by China assist electronic industry packs committee, china is wrapped assist the paper products committee that pack, Shanghai is wrapped assist the paper container committee that pack and Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Nanjing, Suzhou, organize plant of box of box of paper of the key inside area under administration, colour, color print without the association such as hill of city of stannum, Changzhou, Yangzhou, salt, elder brother, Changshu centrally, carry on order of box of paper box colour.

Sponsor orgnaization general and bag of countrywide each district assist, imprint assist and " paper packs industry " , " presswork technology " , the Chinese newspaper that pack, " China packs a net " , " China pressworks the net that pack " wait for main media to organize professional user to see this grand meeting jointly. the organization manager of plant of box of many 10000 paper, manager, enterprise is represented, manager of plant of color print of many 10000 carton, manager, enterprise delegate, the terminal user of the industry such as many 10000 electron, food is headed for personally look around purchase, will make join exhibit business to get more benefit, each district is wrapped assist, imprint assist and Shanghai Hua Ning " paper packs industry " the magazine uses its powerful professional database, have contact with enterprise of box of countrywide each district and global key paper box, colour, color print, communicate. Do very professional audience to register the job beforehand, send invitation letter to send entrance ticket, before exhibiting, preview wait for a data.

Exhibit during the meeting each professional activity will more rich and colorful

* China MII packs the office to will be held, have countrywide each district moulding of outfit of beehive of promotion application, corrugated box, paper, paper packs the industry of “ China electron that user of stress of industry of 400 much electrons enters the technology communicates meeting and industry to develop high-level seminar ” .

The company such as fort of heart of of great capacity of domestic and international well-known company, Gao Bao is in * the spot undertakes making a speech, hold seminar of latest technology product, promotion to meet, the industry of promotion introduction paper that pack pressworks newly achievement of the technology that pack.

Invite applications for a job of talent of spot of industry of box of * corrugated box, colour is met have the professional that attracts countrywide each district spot invite applications for a job.

Products of box of many 200 domestic and international famous corrugated box, colour, paper pressworks what need to purchase in great quantities without and other places of hill of stannum, Changzhou, Zhenjiang, Nanjing, Yangzhou, elder brother, Changshu is facilities of the treatment that pack and data vendor and Jiangxi, Shandong, Anhui, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Suzhou, relevant, protruding shows the actual strength of its oneself and company image.
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