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Numerous place expects " international is rubber-plastic exhibit " activity of t
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Asian first is plastic balata exhibition - “ the 22nd China International is plastic international of “2008 of abbreviation of ”(of rubber industry exhibition is rubber-plastic exhibit ”) revisit Shanghai, at was in Chinese Shanghai to 20 days on April 17, 2008 new international reads extensively the center is held grandly. “ international is rubber-plastic exhibit ” to sponsor unit elegant type to exhibit service limited company to divide expand ceaselessly outside extending the scope of the meeting, also take the quality that exhibits meeting content and considerable sex seriously very, disentomb every year ceaselessly rubber-plastic the new theme in the industry and develop activity of brand-new the corresponding period.

Mr Zhu Yulun is in president of limited company of service of elegant type exhibition today midday (on March 6) express on held Beijing press conference, annual “ international is rubber-plastic the activity of the corresponding period that exhibits ” is regarded as to exhibit one of meeting window, imprint in the ” of “ president forum last year and “ the high opinion that plastic industry collaboration and ” of development height forum obtain audience and media. Today exhibit can be receive the Beijing Olympic Games August, special added sports element, build at the spot rubber-plastic with gymnasium, hold “ rubber-plastic the thematic activity with sports ” , and with “ rubber-plastic new science and technology, sports is boundless the propagandist catchword that ” is an activity, what share more in sports industry domain applying with industry is newest and rubber-plastic technology and solution, reveal fully through sportswear, performance project and interactive game, make each audience can personal testimony and experience are rubber-plastic science and technology is right the importance that develops athlete potential.

In addition, afterwards imprinted in “ last year plastic industry collaboration and the success that develop height forum ” are held, sponsor unit elegant type to exhibit service limited company to make persistent efforts this year, couplet reachs association of American plastic industry with association of industry of Chinese plastic treatment (SPI) holds “2008 collaboration of Sino-US and plastic industry and ” of development height forum, the hope combines Sino-US enterprise to discuss Sino-US two countries jointly the challenge of plastic industry and good luck, the business chance of plastic industry reachs thereby stimulative two countries conspire cooperative opportunity.

The topic for discussion includes:

(One) market of Sino-US two countries grows trend analysis---Plastic course of study, plastic products line of business and plastic and mechanical evolution appear whole of understanding two countries shape and exit foreground, and the price of plastic raw material takes the whole world situation;
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