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Numerous place expects " international is rubber-plastic exhibit " activity of t
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(2) the partner that how seeks a success---Sino-US the more close together economy of two great power adds up to the impact that makes plastic to the whole world trade, reach how to infiltrate Chinese market;

(3) the opportunity that Sino-US two countries expands plastic industry place to be faced with and challenge---By each expert reachs a representative enterprise to represent personal explanation inside course of study. The person that attend the meeting can enter panel discussion more, the feasible program that knows Sino-US collaboration and success case, the atmosphere that believes to will be whole summit forum turns supreme tide.

“2008 international is rubber-plastic exhibit ” revisit Shanghai, 1, many 700 famous global supplier is the same as couplet Taiwan of Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, China province, England and United States exhibit a group 10 times to be joined hand in hand exhibit, 11 exhibit a house to reach new 6 what build, 000 square metre exhibit a house temporarily complete already by lease, make exhibit meeting dimensions to innovate again tall, amount to 132, 500 square metre, hua Dong of down to of farther stimulative Shanghai is plastic the development of rubber industry.

Up to now, the tycoon inside participation trade includes chemical industry and raw material supplier chemistry of family name of science and technology of the Basifu, material that do obeisance to ear, contented, live friendly chemistry, Du Bang, Aikesenmei chemical industry of inspire confidence in sb, SABIC; Mould of hero of machine of mechanical supplier Husky, happy bit, Demag Ergotech, Kelaosimafei, shake, Mass spy, Engeer, division times Long Keya, Switzerland is able to bear or endure gallop special, . To the attention of brand image as domestic company the gender rises increasingly, participate in “ international rubber-plastic the in successive years of state-owend enterprise amount that exhibits ” increases by degrees, the ginseng this year exhibits a state-owend enterprise to include Guangdong couplet model, Ning Bo coronal of couplet of lake of gold of sea day, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hangzhou is medium inferior, Guangzhou rich is achieved, Dalian 3 base machine, Guangzhou China grind, Zhejiang grand China, force of Changzhou city constant.

“2008 international is rubber-plastic exhibit ” to continue to blend in the life with “ . ” of achievement business chance gives priority to a problem, the chemical raw material that meeting admiral uses at many industries showpiece and 1, many 800 mechanical equipment. Plasticity of plastic balata itself is very tall, as the progress of science and technology, the applied face of plastic balata jumps over hasten extensive, include steam to match, building materials, communication and information science and technology, pack, electron and the domain such as electric, hardware tool, medical treatment equipment.
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