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Numerous place expects " international is rubber-plastic exhibit " activity of t
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Number of audience of congress predicting China and foreign countries will even more 63, 000, at the same time audience internationalization rate will rise further. Show according to congress data, at present already the audience that comes from 100 many countries and area undertook be registeringed beforehand, among them abroad audience is occupied about 5 into, and come from the many organizations buying the home such as province of Taiwan of Germany, England, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Singapore, south Africa, Brazil, Jordan, Egypt to already affirmed form a delegation look around. “ international is rubber-plastic one of keys that exhibit ” to be able to march toward internationalization continuously are Dusaierduofu is exhibited (China) limited company becomes “ international since 2005 rubber-plastic exhibit ” assist run an unit, use them to sponsor the whole world the first rubber-plastic exhibit - the experience that German K exhibits, resource and relation network, take an active part in “ international rubber-plastic the audience organization that exhibits ” and promotion, be dedicated to developing elegant type, Dusaierduofu of exhibition and plastic rubber industry 3 win an aspect.

“2008 international is rubber-plastic exhibiting ” is successive the 19th have the honor to win Europe plastic with Manufacturers Association of rubber industry machinery (the China that EUROMAP) sponsors solely is rubber-plastic exhibition, by elegant type the exhibition serves limited company to sponsor, federation of national light industry—Association of plastic and mechanical industry, Dusaierduofu exhibits association of industry of Chinese plastic treatment, China (China) company of exhibition of business affairs of trade of the classics outside plastic guild of limited company, Shanghai and Shanghai is joint assist do, obtain many global professional association to support energetically.

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