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2008 China austral border pressworks pack exhibit Guangzhou to conclude satisfac
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Annual China austral border pressworks pack exhibit already on March 4 –7 day is in Guangzhou China Pa continent exhibits Fair of import and export merchandise the house ends satisfactorily. " the 15th China austral border pressworks exhibit " , " China International label is exhibited " , " the 15th China austral border packs a technology to exhibit " , " dozenth China technology of austral border beverage is exhibited " 4 are exhibited can take up in all, the area exceeds 50 thousand square metre, come from the whole world 19 countries and area postpone business many times 800, exhibit an area, China and foreign countries to exhibit business and audience amount to achieve all previous new tall.

Be second exhibit the support of your kind effort that can win an industry, kick off that day, invited Guangdong to save news to publish deputy director general of bureau Yang Anrui to cause opening decline, attendant Zhu Lijia guest includes Guangdong to save provincial Party committee of Guangdong of deputy secretary-general of salangane of people government river, the Communist Party of China to publicize center of foreign trade of a Gu Zunyi's undersecretary, China (group) province of Wang Runsheng general manager, Guangdong publishs a group Huang Shangli, still Malaysia is stationed in consul general of Guangzhou consulate general, France to be stationed in Guangzhou consulate general and Indonesia to be stationed in the official of Guangzhou consulate general and delegate, and the leader of publication bureau of news of city of ground of province of the publication bureau of news of each province city, Association Typographique International, association that pack, Guangdong and delegate are attended etc, occasion is lively.

Shenzhen city Bo Taiyin brushs "Sino-Label 08 of president of equipment limited company Mr Lixin is first professional label exhibits the area austral Chinese China, in Hua Na label market has certain force, accord with at the same time the company development in Hua Na market is politic this year (Chinese label market is in Hua Na market, be in Guangdong area especially is main base) . This Bo Taiyin brushs equipment limited company and Israel Aiweite (AVT) firm joins an exhibition first together, exhibit ceremoniously newest generation Eurotech is divided answer roll equipment and world top class AVT is full automatic quality detects the combination of Helios system, implemented the whole plan that 100% blemish leaving a line detect. Exhibit during the meeting, the ticket that Hua Na has dimensions most pressworks enterprise Guangzhou beautiful Qi pressworks limited company spot ordered an Eurotech to divide answer roll equipment and quality of the 2nd AVT100% detect Helios system. Exhibit business and audience dimensions this to exceed at previous term or session, in former years of company quality prep above. With the area austral other China exhibit meeting photograph to compare, hua Na is exhibited professional outstanding, advocate make label market, used Hua Na most city of area — Guangzhou is held, go up in time with purchase market phase to match. "(each other is connected) many power dragon of Dongguan city pressworks Cai of vise general manager of equipment limited company presses down continent " is elegant type pressworks the old client that label exhibits, successive ginseng is exhibited exceeded 10 years. Reveal brand of many power dragon this newest cycle pressworks equipment, face a client to be high-grade user more. The spot reachs the client that has intention 5 above. Through attending elegant type to presswork label is exhibited and establish (each other tells a group) brand of many power dragon is pressworking in the industry famous degree, also be one of means that the enterprise publicizes. Also be one of means that the enterprise publicizes..
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