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2008 China austral border pressworks pack exhibit Guangzhou to conclude satisfac
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Congress spot holds " food label and seminar of the technology that pack " reach " day changes product label and seminar of the technology that pack " also attracted hundreds travel wife person is attended, basically be to come from factory of daily expense chemical industry, food, presswork the enterprise that pack, label pressworks of the factory from personnel of course of study, it is personage attending the meeting understands thoroughly the market newest development and the professional platform that the technology communicates.

Be second exhibit can publish bureau, Guangdong to visit center of foreign trade of publication group, China by Guangdong province news (group) , limited company of service of elegant type exhibition is sponsorred jointly, by Guangzhou of Chinese foreign trade exhibition company undertakes, province of publication service center of Guangdong province news, Guangdong publishs print endowment limited company, China prevents bogus guild does not do offset print to make city of branch, Guangzhou publish Society of Graphical and Allied Trades, Guangdong to save association of the technology that pack and Guangdong to save light industry association assist do.

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