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2009 China (Shanghai) international exhibition of industry of plastic, rubber
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Time: In April 2009 14 -16 day

Place: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center (road of treasure of Shanghai water transport 88)

Support an unit: Germany is plastic with federation of manufacturer of industry of rubber of Europe of balata machinery Manufacturers Association

Whole world of plastic manufacturer federation crosses Germany the country purchases a center

Sponsor an unit: Electric current of machine of China of association of Chinese mechanical business management opens society

Plastic with balata machinery only appoint the meeting is plastic with balata branch

Undertake unit: German Si Ke is special international can exhibit division of limited company Beijing to arrange an exhibition to serve limited company

[exhibit meeting setting]

The course develops flourishingly for years, china already ascended bound of one's life experience is plastic big country cavalcade, its are plastic treatment machinery, plastic the crop of goods and plastic resinous consumption rank respectively at the world the first, the 2nd pass an imperial examination 3. The high speed that waits as carrying trade of automobile manufacturing industry, traffic develops, chinese balata consumption also successive already first place of world of 4 years of lord it over. Current, china year consumption is plastic many tons 4000, year consumptive balata amounts to 3.8 million tons, had made the whole world the biggest rubber-plastic the product consumes one of markets, " rubber-plastic the life " the swift and violent development that will continue to lead China and global industry, creat an infinite business chance. Shanghai regards the core of long triangle area as the city, had become center of global plastic business manufacturing industry, to get used to the rapid development of Shanghai economy, contented and rubber-plastic the market demand of the industry, hurried has communication of course of study and collaboration, reach build platform of commerce of a supply and demand for broad manufacturer and user, by Chinese machinery business management association and Chinese machine electric current connect association to sponsor, the “2009 China that Beijing division arranges an exhibition to serve limited company to undertake (Shanghai) international is plastic ” of rubber industry exhibition will in April 2009 14 be in Shanghai to 16 days smooth congress exhibits a center to hold.

Current exhibiting meeting general is home rubber-plastic exhibit on meeting history another dimensions royal meeting, we will reach a government sector to cooperate cheek by jowl with more and relevant association, current exhibit can have done, exhibit the company that country and the area such as the United States, England, Germany, Australia, Italy, Korea, Canada, Spain, Holand, Norway, Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan still will invite during the meeting to will reveal them to be in visit course of study newest product technology, greeting ginseng is exhibited, look around.
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