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2009 China (Shanghai) international exhibition of industry of plastic, rubber
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Cloth extends time: On April 12, 2009 - 13 days

Show time: On April 14, 2009 - 16 days

Remove extend time: On April 16, 2009 afternoon

[ginseng extend range]

Material of the plastic collagen that reach oak mixes ★ additive;

★ balata reachs plastic products;

Include: All sorts of tire, adhesive plaster, glue is in charge of (contain colophony to be in charge of) , rubber overshoes, sealing article reachs all sorts of plastic products to wait;

★ is plastic reach balata inject to shape manufacturing technology and equipment;

Series is plastic the machine that note model, double lubricious machine that note model, disc notes model machine and balata inject machine to wait;

Plastic reach balata to press a manufacturing technology and facility;

★ is plastic and epispastic material of plank, canal (hard canal, tube, moire canal, multiple tube) different profile, sheet, compound film, round silk, flat silk, electrical wiring, report

Cable, mix refine to make the manufacturing technology such as bead and equipment;

Plastic and hollow shape manufacturing technology and equipment. Plastic crowded piece blow model, inject to blow drawing of model, inject to blow model hollow shape wait for manufacturing technology and equipment;

★ is plastic pack, presswork manufacturing technology and equipment;

Bag of textile bag, cement, salivate is compound, true suction model shapes, complex flexible package, presswork cent is cut make the manufacturing technology such as bag, bronzing and equipment;

★ other: Relevant manufacturing technology and equipment polyurethane, polystyrene is epispastic, plastic solder, window of flat vulcanization, plastic door is assembled, the manufacturing technology such as plastic floor, leatheroid and equipment;

Form a complete set reachs of all kinds fittings related ★ , mould;

Equipment of ★ close refine: Blender, on machine of glassware, drier, crusher, cold water, oscillator, cut engine of screw of component of hydraulic pressure of component of makings machine, decelerate machine, electromotor, electric equipment, pneumatic, heater canister, mould;

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