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International adhesive exhibited conference action business to prepare success 2
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China greeted hundred years expected Olympic Games 2008, and we see eleventh surprizingly China International adhesive and sealant exhibition and exhibition of the 3rd adhesive tape of China International glue and label are being advanced forth with severalfold speed. End on August 22, 2008, already the business that ginseng signing up postpones already exceeded 190, scale of the sale that exhibit a stage achieves 90% above. Compare with photograph of in former years, one large window depends on exhibiting meeting site to will present more new face and new product this year, and larger window is enterprises of more adhesive plaster bibcock be about to ablaze come on stage, bring more business chance for adhesive and sealant exhibition!
As traditional industry, chinese adhesive industry also was experienced tens of year, gave priority to own production to produce tremendous change from the entrance. Chinese adhesive exhibition also witnessed the historical course of the industry, the manufacturing level field that exhibits can medium ginseng to exhibit industry measure to reach an industry, have substantially promotion. Another major change is world adhesive industry enterprise of the bibcock that cross a state establishs Asian headquarters in China in succession headquarters of division of big perhaps China, also transplant orgnaization of research and development even China. These change market of enough proof China accumulate containing huge market. Act on stimulative communication, enlarge the principle of commerce, china International adhesive and sealant exhibition also are seeking more business chance actively. This year, we invite guild of Japanese adhesive plaster to arrive at designedly exhibit meeting site, still will be in additionally the applied domain big range of adhesive industry invites major to purchase exhibition of business round presence, seek commerce cooperation. Our invitation letter goes to service the small commodities in wholesale city produces famous justice black small commodities in business hand, still will follow " weekly of news of Chinese chemical industry " and " building adhesive market conditions " wait for media magazine, add send more application to purchase a policymaker; Additional, in the electron, pack, presswork, in the industry such as wall of door window act, shoemaking and car, the kind that carries straight mail distributes 50 thousand pieces of entrance ticket, make great effort to invite each guest, assemble in Shanghai smooth congress to exhibit a center, of industry of community check adhesive flourishingly opportunity of survival.

2008 also is us a year when raise “ environmental protection and subject of ” of adhesive person of the same trade first, serving at the industry while, we also should serve at the society, come in the target that blends in environmental protection us, try hard for the long steady progress of the industry.

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