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India is adjusted right China rubber chemical industry tastes the part to turn o

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Indian business the Ministry of Works in feudal China turns over dumping total bureau to was mixed on March 5 released corrigendum twice on March 27, correct announce formerly on Feburary 28, 2008 right China partial rubber chemical industry is tasted (MBT, CBS, TDQ, PVI, TMT, PX-13) cut into parts at the beginning of dumping investigation instead.
Corrigendum is right in cutting into parts first turn over dumping tax levy to suggest to make temporarily adjust as follows:
1, do not collect to Chinese TDQ product oppose dumping tax temporarily (it is formerly collect 20.55 rupee / kilogram) ;
2, collect 29.55 rupee to Chinese TMT product / of kilogram oppose dumping tax temporarily (do not collect formerly) .

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