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Japan develops stone material to use environmental protection adhesive
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Japan develops stone material to be decorated with inside and outside recently, the stretch adhesive that does not pollute the surface.

Normally. Inside and outside decorates use adhesive to be in undertake to the natural stone material such as marble stickup when surface of wall of inside and outside of extremely easy pollution. Those who affect building appearance is beautiful. Come to fall pollution lowermost limit, japanese new development went odd fluid not to have the adhesive of modified silicon series of solvent. The near future already was in the construction of stone material metope of apartment building, advanced guesthouse is used.

Current. Metope of inside and outside decorates use marble or the natural stone such as granite is in the majority, use organic adhesive to undertake commonly stickup. However, surface of natural stone material has a lot of hole. These cavity are easy immerge organic adhesive. In surface layer oozy coloring. Usually, the stone material surface that builds the house controls coloring to be able to be shown via 3 months.

New-style without flexibility of series of solvent modified silicon adhesive overcame afore-mentioned weakness. Apply to a variety of stone material such as marble, granite, sandstone, quartzite, limestone completely. Because glue fluid has flexibility, have easy render to flake layer, not easily consequently wait for a characteristic. This glue fluid is odd fluid model, do not need metric and mix, do not use the organic dissolvent such as toluene, xylene, it is the material of complete environmental protection. In recent years, the high-grade building such as building of apartment, guesthouse, office, advanced residence is arisen, new-style and gooey housing materials applies foreground to value.

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