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3: Name city of industry of Chinese adhesive plaster
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3: Name city of industry of Chinese adhesive plaster

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On May 18, the total industry that comes from domestic and international personage of more than 140 adhesive plaster guild, famous expert, professor and enterprise of a few keys assembles in 3, the Chinese adhesive plaster that plays by a definite date two days develops forum. That day, chinese Society of Rubber Industry still holds the ceremony that give a shop sign, name 3 city of industry of Chinese adhesive plaster.
Forum develops to go up in adhesive plaster, delegate attending the meeting spreads out delibrate around industry technology development, release new product, new material, new facility and technology to innovate achievement information, the industry is domestic and international famous expert, professor and the total industry of a few key enterprises make a presentation with respect to relevant special subject, 3 counties and weather station county made introduction of experience of development region economy.

The rubber industry that regards 3 5 big pillar as one of industries, through “ the technical reformation during 15 ” of 95 ” , “ and craft are improved, gradually to high quality, specialization, the large-scale, direction stride that starts a brand. To the end of 2005, this county is engaged in the business that rubber products produces already having 213, among them dimensions above enterprise 66, from personnel of course of study 30 thousand much person, annual produce breaks through 2.5 billion yuan, among them glue belting production value makes an appointment with 2 billion yuan, production value overtakes 100 million yuan of industries 3, exceed 50 million yuan 6, exceed ten million yuan 55, formed the produce and sale of balata adhesive plaster that has certain force to focus the land, crop has the proportion that comparative in the whole nation, among them 35% what V-belt holds countrywide total output, cut belt, much wedge belt, steam rub V belt, industrial year of crop such as gearshift belt 60 million above, it is home one of base of the biggest production. At the same time the product sells as far as to the 30 many countries such as Euramerican, middle east, southeast Asia and area, year 32% what export a quantity to hold sale total.

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