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Cervine spring city investigates adhesive plaster of 4 lorries sham brand
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Report from our correspondent (Jiang Yan of reporter Zheng Lei's reporter) recently, cervine spring city pledges inspect bureau is informed against according to masses, cooperate to fall in branch of local public security, investigated one case lawfully sham a variety of 10 brands are packed with adhesive plaster case, these sham adhesive plaster assembled 4 trucks fully.

The horizontal village masses that what inform against to hot line of qualitative inspect bureau is area of garden of industry of new and high technology of cervine spring city, they discover what many nonlocal van are pulling all sorts of different brands to pack with adhesive plaster, the field raising a cattle that discards in out-of-the-way of this village one-sided machines bit of in and out, a person's movement and expression is very doubtful. Execute the law personnel is driven quickly toward the place that be informed against, machine a dot to undertake checking to this adhesive plaster lawfully. Via checking, this treatment is nodded

Chief Chen Mou, person of Jiangsu abundant county, began to begin production to process business in place March from this year, produce all sorts of sham brands to pack with adhesive plaster.

Occupy Chen Mou to explain, they above all from smooth hill manufacturer of production of one adhesive plaster purchases big semi-manufactured goods, ask to be in by the client next break up the big adhesive plaster on machine to break up different measurement, the sale after case arrives south 3 markets. To sell a good price sham all sorts of brands undertake selling, “ of these Shijiazhuang be havinged by sham brand adhesive plaster of card of 3 tigers ” 35 box, deciding adhesive plaster of card of ” of “ grand beneficial 29 box, tianjin “ sunlights brightness ” card adhesive plaster 15 box, in Shanxi “ inferior ” card adhesive plaster 80 box, and “ always ” of ” of big ” , “ imperial crown, “ friendly couplet, “ always a variety of 10 brands such as ” of ” of coronal ” , “ Hang Bao, “ polar bear adhesive plaster 727 box, raw material adhesive plaster 20, goods is worth 88 thousand yuan.

Classics investigation, this treatment dot is not had entrust treatment proof legally, tie name of sham other factory behavior of the site of factory, execute the law personnel instructs his to halt production instantly, confiscate illegal product, punish lawfully to its.

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