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Progress of industry of our country adhesive is rapid
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—— character promotes ceaselessly
While high speed of crop, sale grows, adhesive breed also increases in great quantities, product class and quality rise ceaselessly, new product, new technology is ceaseless emerge in large numbers. The adhesive that the home 20 years ago produces basically is confined to 3 aldehyde glue, all get together model of the tradition such as white emulsion, chloric fourth glue and 502 twinkling dry glue general-purpose product, the breed brand of adhesive has more than 1000 kinds only, not only scale of production small, yield is low, and breed is onefold, without environmental protection requirement. Through development of 20 years, especially 3 endowment a new force suddenly rises of the enterprise, domestic adhesive and sealant class and quality had bigger rise, the development of new product, new technology, new facility and innovation obtained great progress, be opposite not only traditional general-purpose the product rises through the method such as copolymerization, graft, cross-linking and improved performance, reduce or eliminated the content of harmful material, still developed a lot of new products, and majority already realized industrialization.

If polyurethane construction rubber is mixed,glue of fluid sealant, hot frit and hot frit press acrylic acid of fluid sealant of quick glue, organic silicon and adhesive, modified glue of epoxy resin of glue of oxygen of ester glue, be disgusted with, modified, it is the new product that will nearly 20 years develop rapid development to rise in succession. At present domestic adhesive and sealant already had breed of low, medium, high-grade product to count 100 thousand kinds, can satisfy home market requirement basically not only, and sell as far as to abroad. According to guild of Chinese epoxy resin ( expert introduces, in addition, chemical industry of Guangzhou white cloud is industrial the river of the white cloud card of limited company, Hangzhou the golden rat card of limited company of organic silicon chemical industry organic silicon fluid sealant was judged to be product of Chinese famous brand 2006; An ancient name for China of the Camat card of factory of adhesive plaster of Guangzhou grand prosperous, Heibei is industrial of limited company always happy card and always big (Zhongshan) of limited company always big shop sign presses quick rubber sticky band to was judged to be Chinese famous brand 2007 product.

Adhesive produced technology and besmear cloth technology to also obtain greater progress, law of radiation law, ultraviolet light solidify and each other wear the new student such as network law to produce the application of craft, it is the function to improving adhesive, important to raised product class and quality to rise action. Aggregate reaction boiler to large change, change continuously, automation way develops, the aggregate boiler volume that partial manufacturer uses arrives by a few stere when 1987 ten stere, the 30 stere ~ that expand to now 36 stere, used be changed continuously partly or turn production continuously, realized computer control. Design of Chinese proper motion makes press quick glue and hot frit to press quick glue spreader and cent to cut machine the level waits in already reaching the world, fabric width can amount to 1.3 meters of ~ 2 meters, besmear cloth speed can amount to 280 meters / cent. Additional, electrostatic eliminate device of technology, EPC, tension to accuse system of timing of sensor of device, tall sensitivity, frequency modulation to wait oneself all sorts of accuse a technology to already also was developed early or late oneself, already threw production. Progress as the rapid development of Chinese economy and science and technology, adhesive industry still gives ceaseless emerge in large numbers more new products, new technology and new facility, develop those who promote other and relevant trade while oneself develops.
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