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Progress of industry of our country adhesive is rapid
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—— basically is put in the problem
While Chinese adhesive industry is growing quickly, also existing a few problems that solve urgently. Guild of Chinese epoxy resin ( expert says: It is new product development and technical innovation capacity are smaller. Insufficient or investment of funds of scientific research of most adhesive company is very few, the science and technology of high quality achieves new talented person to short, place of courtyard of a few scientific research also has the tide that the brim turns to the research of adhesive, cause many domestic adhesive and ageing of product of sealant production company, variety new technology of not tall, new product develops quality of onefold, product and class logy, cannot catch up with the market need of rapid development. As we have learned, the productivity that there already were partial adhesive and sealant product in chinese mainland at present exceeded market demand, competition is very intense. If all get together model general get together latex of acetic acid ethylene (namely white emulsion) , general-purpose the building uses acrylic ester - styrene is copolymerization latex, general-purpose α- cyanogen base dry glue of acrylic ester twinkling, medium low speed book is wireless and bound glue of the frit that use heat, it is base material with BOPP.

2 it is domestic adhesive manufacturing company is more dispersive, lack is in have the group of famous brand industry with influential actual strength domestic and internationally. According to not complete count, at present domestic adhesive and sealant produce a business more than 3000, distributing in the whole nation 28 provinces, city is mixed municipality, but the dimensions on production (year sale is in 100 million yuan of above) , of the level on the technology have more than 100 only, form dimensions advantage and industry resultant force hard so, be in hard innovation of new product development, technology, environmental protection is energy-saving with the talent a lot of respect such as education has large investment, also reduced whole industry to be in the competition ability of the international market. Have more very person, individual business disregards national policy code and relevant specification, discharge “ at will 3 useless ” pollute an environment; Wanton add poisonous and harmful dissolvent, damage health of consumer body and mind; Do fake, shoddy, encroach intellectual property, disturbed market order, these are the issues that adhesive industry needs to be solved urgently. 3 it is to come for years, the partial key raw material of domestic adhesive and sealant production need is in short supply, need is imported in great quantities and the price rises considerably ceaselessly, squashed badly adhesive profit space, affected enlarge scale of production and investment of research and development. At present in short supply and crucial raw material has the market not only monomer of basic organic compound kind, wait like alkyl of VAC, TDI, MDI, HDI, organic silicon, still have synthetic resin kind wait like CR, EVA, PA, PET, SIS and oil colophony.
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