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Progress of industry of our country adhesive is rapid
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—— future develops a tendency
Chinese economy is during 915 ” of “ will still maintain grow quickly continuously, adhesive serves as new-style synthetic material to will get applied inside more domains, its increase rate will prep above is general the growth of the industry. Henceforth inside a few years, total demand predicts chinese mainland adhesive and sealant market average will with annual the rate of 10% above rises, to 2009 crop is expected to achieve 3.76 million tons, sale 46 billion yuan (all do not include formaldehyde condensate) . Domestic adhesive and sealant demand are the biggest still is course of study of building building materials, growth is the rapiddest will be to assemble line of business (aviation of appearance of electronic electric equipment, mechanical, instrument, spaceflight) with traffic carrying trade. Guild of Chinese epoxy resin ( expert predicts, because the rapid growth of market demand and environmental protection are carried out compulsively of energy-saving code, henceforth a few water base model, hot frit, biology degradation, smooth solidify, room temperature and microtherm solidify reach measure without solvent and Gao Guhan model wait for environmental protection energy-saving product, and partial modified, reaction, muti_function model wait for product of new and high technology to will have bigger growth space, predicting demand year increase rate will achieve 11 % ~ 13 % , tower above is general adhesive product 2 ~ 3 percent.

The supply of raw material of partial adhesive key will continue to improve. The acrylic acid of main raw material of adhesive and sealant and ester kind monomer, had begged for be more than in home at present, the price was compared 2005 together drop somewhat. Acetic acid ethylene kind the go into operation that also will produce device monomer, chloroprene rubber as the new student, the situation that supplies insecurity after 2008 will transform, predicting market value also can be reduced somewhat. EVA and SIS synthetic resin in “ the situation with in short supply market of 915 ” evening will get ameliorative, the adhesive of this pair of home, development that heats up frit glue especially will have certain stimulative effect. Adhesive product quality and class will have bigger rise. A few years home will consult henceforth international is advanced standard, accelerate formulate, edit and raise Chinese adhesive and level of sealant product quality, still will increase the supervisory examination strength of pair of product quality at the same time, be bred energetically and develop famous brand product, encourage and help partial product quality high manufacturing company does good, class greatly strong, expand further scale of production and enhance ability of innovation of science and technology, compete through the market, eliminate partial scale of production difference of quality of low, product, environmental protection does not amount to level of small, technology the lagging industry of mark, the product quality that improves Chinese adhesive and sealant hard and class, enhance market competition ability.
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