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Plastic adhesive plaster binds the supermarket vegetable not wholesome citizen s
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Xin) the Ms. Huang discovery that often buys food in the supermarket, many supermarkets like to bind vegetable with plastic adhesive plaster nowadays. She suggests to the supermarket alters adhesive plaster careless string or be not stuck on vegetable directly, avoid to let consumer generate the doubt that endangers health.
Last noon, the vegetable of first floor of supermarket of Home Hua Runmo in powdery alley discovers the reporter on bar, a few greenery kind vegetable if the celery, bamboo shoot, dish that include a package, garlic bolt, lettuce is to use green adhesive plaster to bind rise, about one centimeter wide adhesive plaster is twined go up in vegetable, because color and green vegetable are approximate, look very difficult discovery far. Some adhesive plaster are winding vegetable part of a historical period, some twining in cauline ministry. Most of “ pitiful ” belong to the dish that include a package, almost by “ 5 flowers bind ” greatly, adhesive plaster presents a look of “ cross ” on dish body. When reporter rip off wraps packet of adhesive plaster on dish, the hangover on adhesive plaster has dish leaf area. And on the bar that be here, some vegetable are to use last film or it is leather muscle bag rises or bundle up is together. Supermarket staff member introduces, such doing is to avoid a few uncivilized clients to rip dish leaf in disorder, bring about dish bad sale.

A lady that buys food here also discovered this one problem, she says: The bag that “ binds with adhesive plaster includes course or be bamboo shoot wait better still, alarming come home to cut the skin or above one throws away, but adhesive plaster is stuck in celery directly bine or it is lettuce leaf on, go back have to wash well, still do not know whether be washed neatly? ”


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