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Obtain inspirational scientist to invent by tree frog toe " super adhesive plast
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Tree frog support has conglutinate to the petty toe of force is hanged in sky and drop no less than coming, this one phenomenon is considered as one of miracles of nature. England " daily Post " 24 days of reports, the scientist filled up adsorptive principle to invent a kind of stickiness to exceed strong adhesive plaster according to flesh of tree frog toe, stickiness can amount to 30 times of common adhesive plaster.
Inspiration comes from tree frog

After common adhesive plaster tears down from object surface, because rise,tiny break appeared in the mucus that sticks sticky action, adhesive plaster has stickiness no longer. A science of the college of Indian grain industry that is located in city of bank general Er studies the group carries the gland organization that studies tree frog toe, overcame this problem.

Scientific research group discovers, the toe of tree frog grows apart, every foot carries long mat having the flesh. These fleshy mat are sucking disk, can adsorptive go up in the object. More magical is, the toe of tree frog is not is a flowing layer, bottom is unripe have blood-vessel and the gland organization that can secrete mucus, and won't reduce stick together sex because of dirt conglutinate, can stick on the object through toe firmly ground so.

Imitate the stick together principle of tree frog, researcher invented a kind of “ ” of super adhesive plaster. This kind of new-style adhesive plaster is had transcend strong bind gender, can repeat use.

“ super adhesive plaster”

Scientists believe, the occurrence of this kind of new-style adhesive plaster is major breakthrough, its use is very extensive.

Traditional adhesive plaster tears down from object surface when, because adhesive plaster adhered to dirt and other particle, stickiness disappears very quickly.

Scientific research group can secrete the gland organization of mucus to obtain inspiration by tree frog toe, make super adhesive plaster also has similar structure, once appear,break can be born give out mucus. Come so, the tension of adhesive plaster surface can make between object and adhesive plaster close together bind.

Be worth what carry is, make by the material of rich flexibility because of addition mucus, the condition before after so adhesive plaster is used, can restoring to use repeats use.

When next label are being ripped above the goods that people bought anew in the past, agent of bind of remain of regular meeting of article surface classics. New-style adhesive plaster can make people avoids this one embarrassment. Because of new-style adhesive plaster not only have exceed strong stickiness, and clear extremely easily clean.

Biology conglutinate

Scientific research group becomes an Animansu Gedake tells · " daily Post " reporter: In “ nature, the conglutinate mechanism of the animal is developmental go up all ages, already very developed. ”
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