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Three by the Chinese industrial city tape titles become the first regional hon
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Sanmen County, Zhejiang Province, held a 'Made in China (three) tape Industrial City' Award Ceremony, China Rubber Industry Association, officially named three as 'China (three) tape Industrial City', three became the first to receive this winning region. According to reports, Sanmen County, enterprises engaged in production of rubber products 213, of which the output value of the yuan's enterprise 3, 66 above-scale enterprises, employing 30,000 people, has been the formation of industrial clusters. As of the end of 2005, three counties rubber output has exceeded 2.5 billion, of which tape output value 20 billion yuan, has formed a certain scale, the main products are belt, timing belt, flat belt, conveyor belt, motorcycle V belt, etc., the country has a certain influence; products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, more than thirty countries and regions, with exports amounting to 837 million. Among them, three areas in 2005 A V-belt production of 400 million meters, accounting for about 35% of total output; conveyor belts and various types of annual production capacity of 24 million square meters or more; cutting belt, ribbed belt, auto V belt such as the annual output of 66 million. To highlight the three areas of regional characteristics, strengthen the cultivation of regional brands, the Chinese Rubber Industry Association in the three areas critical review, the grant 'in China (three) tape Industrial City' title. Rubber Association, said in the hope that through the three areas the cultivation of regional brands and promote the integration of resources adhesive tape industry, to make it to scale, specialization and intensification of direction, change its extensive development model to achieve industrial upgrading.
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