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Consumers questioned tape tied difficult to clean vegetable gum residue
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Businesses in order to facilitate the sale of vegetables, add the vegetables to sell at the same time color, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables tied with plastic tape. However, the gum residue on vegetables has caused consumers to question, worry about long-term consumption is hazardous to health. Major supermarkets in the Pennsylvania Reporter investigation found that this phenomenon has been widespread. Consumers: difficult to clean vegetables and sticky tape Today, Ms. Liu told reporters reflect public Binzhou, Binzhou some large supermarkets sell fresh vegetables, cargo area, fresh vegetables generally tied with plastic tape. She cleaned the vegetables to take home when the plastic is often found on vegetables To bring the gum residue is difficult to clean thoroughly. Liu questioned, "I worry about gum being consumed, would be harmful to human health." Subsequently, the reporter went to the shore of fresh fruits and vegetables, urban areas a number of large supermarket survey found that use of these large supermarket vegetables are mostly tied a blue or green plastic tape. A variety of fresh vegetables, are about 1 cm wide with Strapping tape consolidation, and some leaves wrapped around, and some wound in the stem, neatly on shelves for sale. In the majority of the tape, the reporter found that there are only marked vegetable suppliers of the brand, not only found no signs of plastic tape and manufacture of safety-related components, and manufacturer and contact telephone number is also hard to find. When the mind Will tape tear off, the fresh leaves of vegetables can easily be pulled together, and some vegetables and a little sticky surface of the material remnants. Supermarket: For the convenience of customers Binzhou Ginza Mall store supermarket sales staff told reporters, fruit and vegetable supply business is to get vegetables to keep strapping tape clean and beautiful, but also to facilitate customer selection. When a reporter that "the tape and glue on the tape Quality in the end there is poison? There is no harm to human health? "Sales staff to answer, they do not know, as soon as possible to the company reflects this. "Before, no vegetables, tied with plastic tape, loose in cargo area, the customer to buy severely damaged after the remaining vegetables, difficult to sell." During the interview, some supermarkets salesperson said, "tied with adhesive tape, can prevent Remove only the customer leaves the surface. " Consumer expectations, "Green" Packaging According to the "Shenzhen Special Zone Daily" reported on the many plastic tape containing PTFE, PTFE acrylic and other substances, some of its viscosity synthetic resin composition is usually also the main ingredient to make plastics. If the gum residue in the dishes Leaves, long-term consumption may cause harm to human health. In this regard, consumer associations relevant responsible person said, according to China's relevant laws and regulations for food packaging materials must be absolutely safe, as at present there is no supermarket to use this tape for safety signs bundled vegetables Is inconsistent with the relevant provisions. Some consumers also expressed the hope that the supermarket can provide vegetables, "green" packaging, or provide non-toxic harmless to health reports tape in order to eliminate the public's suspicions.
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