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Bubble cotton sticks adhesive plaster

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Explain: Adhesive tape of cloth radical glue is after be being handled with colophony of PE of net cloth classics, 塗 cloth with oily press quick glue to be made bosseyed and gooey, have admirable force is stuck first, water proofing property and moistureproof sex, apply to weight kind the agglutinate of article, rip easily.
Characteristic: Agglutinate force is powerful, rip easily, prevent fatigue sex tall, moistureproof, won't cause when cut be out of shape.
Utility: Agree with weight kind of article pack, usable machine is dustproof, moistureproof, the protection that blows a flower to wait, can joint carpet, the protection of line, use extensively at industrial respect, usable also Yu Shuce, of folder fill strong, prevent slippery, presswork, silk imprints, hardware electric equipment.

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