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Food soft model packs adhesive safety to cause the attention inside course of st

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On December 4, “ food soft model packs ” of quality safety seminar to conclude in Guangzhou, the relevant technology that joins the person that meet to be packed to soft model of current home food and trade situation undertook thorough discussion, also express at the same time, outside dividing filmy material and printing ink, compound one of main factors that had become influence food to pack safety at present with the security of adhesive.

The plastic industry that pack is one of industries with the most rapid development in industry of Chinese plastic treatment. 2005, the plastic crop that pack amounts to the whole nation 8.075 million tons, production value amounts to 120 billion yuan, 24% what hold total production value of plastic treatment property, however, food soft model packs safe problem to make the austere task that perplexes industry development increasingly.

As we have learned, what package data in soft model at present is compound in, the most commonly used is solvent polyurethane glue. Its dissolvent is ester of second of tall purity acetic acid, but manufacturing supplier uses ester of not pure acetic acid second, matter content is much. Have more very person mix into enters a few toluene in order to reduce cost, some enterprises use illicit of national explicit order to be the odd constituent of solvent to press quick glue with toluene, xylene, this packed safety to bring great harm to food.

The research achievement of manufacturer of the adhesive on international and practice, it is to use acrylic acid kind adhesive of ability in swimming, this kind of adhesive not only can solve problem of harmful dissolvent remain completely, can put an end to the pollution that amine of one class scent brings to food more. As a result of its on the safe side, use convenient and need not ripe change, can divide quickly cut, acrylic adhesive has been in kind of ability in swimming China and Euramerican wait for a country to get applied extensively. 2 it is sufficient ripe change or use security model without glue adhesive. Need without glue adhesive commonly sufficient ripe change, so that one class is balmy,glue gets sufficient attenuation. Foreign development goes adhesive of safer the form of a drug that do not have dissolve. Use exceed low monomer structure, make the attenuation speed of amine of one class scent is accelerated greatly, shorten thereby curing time, reduce the risk that food pollutes effectively. 3 be use to needing what high temperature evaporate boils to pack adipose a group of things with common features solidify agent. At present evaporate of domestic high temperature is boiled pack growing with the speed of 15 % above, exceed other type flexible package far. According to national mandatory standard; When production is packed with the food that cooks at high temperature evaporate, can use only adipose cheese of cyanic acid of a group of things with common features different.

Industry expert appeals, pack safety to ensure food, soft model packs an enterprise to must have production strictly according to GB, use the dissolvent that accords with a regulation. In the meantime, execute the law the branch should increase examination strength, in order to guarantee broad customer healthy.
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